Unfolding Global Climate Crisis Fuels Massive Fires

in Turkey, Southern Europe, California and Siberia

Por Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – In northern Lebanon, crews battled wildfires for a third straight day as the blazes spread into Syria. Elsewhere in the Mediterranean region, Turkey has been hit by its most intense fires on record, with one blaze breaching a coal-fired power plant overnight in southwestern Turkey. Large swaths of Greece and Albania face “very poor” air quality amid a searing heat wave fueled by the climate crisis, with wildfires kicking up huge quantities of fine particulate matter.

In California, the fast-growing Dixie Fire engulfed the Northern California community of Greenville overnight, leveling its downtown area.

In Russia, record wildfires in the Siberian region of Yakutia have set an all-time emissions record — equivalent to more than 500 megatons of carbon dioxide.

One thought on “Unfolding Global Climate Crisis Fuels Massive Fires

  • Ahem… Didn’t Fidel warn of this back in 1993 ? Didn’t he say Capitalism would not or could not find a solution ? Didn’t fossil fuels companies spend millions to hide the facts and confuse people. Are we not now facing what even moderate Capitalists call an existential crisis ? What’s that trope about Socialism doesn’t work, again ?

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