US Accuses Cuba of Harboring Terrorists

HAVANA TIMES — The US government submitted a report that includes Cuba with other nations (Iran, Syria and Sudan) that sponsor terrorism, reported the EFE news agency.

The State Department report said Havana “continues” harboring members of the Spanish group ETA and has provided medical assistance and political support to the guerrillas of Colombia’s FARC.

According to Washington, “there is no evidence that the Cuban government supplied weapons or military training to ETA or the FARC,” but it insists that the island “continues to allow” the residence of fugitives who are wanted by the United States and that these individuals are being provided with food, shelter and health care.

Cuba has been included on that list since 1982, which has meant its being subject to sanctions such as prohibitions related to the sale and export of weapons, a ban on economic aid, and other economic sanctions and restrictions.