US and Cuba to Have a Direct Mail Service

HAVANA TIMES — The United States and Cuba announced on Friday that “in the coming weeks” direct mail service between the two countries will be resumed, more than five decades after it was cut off, reported DPA news.

Washington and Havana reached an agreement for the launch of “a pilot program for transporting mail, which will begin in the coming weeks,” stated the Cuban Foreign Ministry. It is expected that the service “may be instituted permanently in the future,” it said.

A State Department spokesman told dpa in Washington that the agreement provides for the recovery of air postal transport “several times a week. The announcement of the agreement reached in Miami came just days before the first anniversary of the historic rapprochement announced by the governments of Washington and Havana in December 2014.

The actual date of the restoration of direct mail will be announced shortly.

“After more than five decades without having this important service, direct mail and parcel shipments between Cuba and the United States will be available to the citizens of both countries at a date to be announced when the technical, operational and safety details are finalized,” said the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

An estimated at about two million live in the United States, mostly in Florida.


2 thoughts on “US and Cuba to Have a Direct Mail Service

  • Don’t think many know this Moses so a good dose of info. I’m in favor of this as well as direct flights. The bottom line is the more contact with the US the more folks in Cuba, especially the outer areas, will have to understand the sad state this country is in and need for drastic overall of the system. Also, I’m well aware of the oligarchy that continues to reap major benefits that continues to be made to pocket additional funds that allows Tony Castro to live like a rock star. Hope the good doctors, who in Cuba have to work second jobs to give their families a bit more than just watered down milk, will see what it takes to make life better for the sons and daughters of the elite. Information is the key. We’ve seen that with what the Blacks in the US have had to deal with for decades and now with video cameras allows me and others to understand the sadness that our fellow citizens have had to journey.

  • Cuba to the US, no problem. My mailman works every day except Sunday. US to Cuba, another story. First of all, there’s no such thing as a mailman in Cuba. There are messengers who come to your door with a yellow slip of paper to notify you that you have a letter or a package held in the Correos. It can take weeks if not months to learn of a package being held in Correos. Put it this way, there’s nothing more Third world in Cuba than it’s postal service.

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