US Congressional Progressive Caucus Condemns Ortega’s Repression in Nicaragua

“We cannot remain silent” in the face of arbitrary arrests of peaceful activists.

By Judith Flores (

HAVANA TIMES – The Progressive Caucus of the United States Congress (CPC) condemned the violence and human rights violations in Nicaragua, which has caused more than 400 deaths as a result of the repression of the regime of Daniel Ortega.

The CPC, the left wing of Congress, through a statement signed by representatives Raúl Grijalva and Mark Pocan, vice-presidents of the organization, expressed their concern over Ortega’s “brutal” response to anti-government protests since last 18 April, and echoed the report of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), which reveals that the “great majority of the victims died as a result of the actions of the State and the security forces at the service of the State.”

“We are deeply troubled by the violence and violations of human rights that have engulfed Nicaragua in recent months. The protests that first erupted in April have been met with violent state repression, leading to deteriorating conditions that hindered the safety of Nicaraguans and increased criminal activity in the chaos that followed,” says the declaration of the Progressive Caucus.

The press statement also pointed out the persecution suffered by students, activists, religious leaders and medical personnel by the Government when applying an “Anti-Terror Law” recently approved by the National Assembly dominated by the ruling Sandinista Front, a situation that has led to the exodus of thousands of people.

Opposed to intervention

“We believe it is imperative that the violence in Nicaragua come to an end and that the government – with the support of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights – ensure the prompt, exhaustive, and impartial investigation, prosecution, and punishment of those responsible for human rights violations. We echo the UN’s call for the Nicaraguan government to resume a national dialogue ‘in a timely and inclusive manner in order to achieve agreements based on human rights and democratic principles.” the statement said.

The CPC expressed its awareness of what they consider “social and economic achievements of Nicaragua in recent years” and of “United States intervention in Nicaragua,” despite this they cannot remain silent.

“While we continue to oppose U.S. government intervention or unilateral actions against the Nicaraguan government, we cannot stand silent in the face of violent, ongoing repression and the arbitrary detention of peaceful activists. We support the rights of protesters and human rights defenders, and we express our full support for those working to promote a peaceful and democratic resolution to the crisis,” states the Congressional Progressive Caucus.