US-Cuba Policy Stuck on Terrorism

HAVANA TIMES, May 1 — Despite signs that some type of negotiations are taking place behind the scenes between Cuban and US officials, the State Department demonstrated on Thursday that US policy has effectively yet to change.

Once again Washington included Cuba in its list of countries that allegedly support terrorism, a lingering annual justification for its half century blockade against the island.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez reacted to the contrary, noting on Thursday in Havana at a meeting of the 118-nation Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) that on the issue of terrorism it is the US that has the unenviable record, not Cuba.

The US accuses Cuba of providing a safe haven to members of left wing groups such as Colombia’s Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC), and the Basque group ETA, while Cuba notes that the US has allowed numerous violence-prone organizations to operate in southern Florida, training to carry out terrorist actions against the island.

2 thoughts on “US-Cuba Policy Stuck on Terrorism

  • Now i see that my words here are not accepted and like Cuba where i currently am..One has to watch what they say? Oh well go figure. Free speech? i don’t think so.
    Like i said..If you believe that Obama is going to do anything for our country without the go ahead from the powers that be..just keep living.

  • Today i was having a conversation about POLITRICKS with my uncle here in Matanzas, who is someone who went to support Fidel in 59 and even today at aged 77 still knows that he did the right thing. i also believe it
    However, i am not surprised that Pres Obama, allowed this to happen. The playa is stuck between not having an answwr for the 50 yrs policies that have hurt AfroCubans most, kissing the behinds of those who just want to return and bring more mafia crap and the business man who sees a goldmine.

    Suffice, that because Fidel and Raul have not begged this black man, who to many like myself (AfroCuban) is a disgrace, a coward and a butt wipe cannot make a make a move without permission
    I for one, would rather return to cuba often, send money to my family and help as much as possible rather than see my country become a colony with the US size 12 shoe on its Puerto Rico

    PS Do u think that he read the book Chavez gave him?

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