US Eases Venezuela Oil Sanctions

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – The US Treasury Department has eased some sanctions on Venezuela’s oil industry as part of an effort to increase oil supplies to Europe. Bloomberg reports the agreement could also eventually lead to the US-based company Chevron resuming operations in Venezuela. The announcement comes just over two months after the Biden administration sent senior officials to Caracas. US officials say the sanctions were lifted to promote talks between the government of Nicolás Maduro and opposition leaders.

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2 thoughts on “US Eases Venezuela Oil Sanctions

  • I don’t believe for one moment that the primary purpose was to promote talks between Maduro and the opposition. But if that is a side benefit, all the better.

    Everyone needs petroleum now and its in critically short supply. It boils down to Venezuela being not as much as enemy threat as Russia. Sometimes you pick your dance partner as the least ugly of the choices. But they are better than not dancing.

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