US Farmers Press Obama on Cuba

HAVANA TIMES — The Illinois Corn Growers Association wants President Barack Obama to expand trade opportunities between the US and Cuba, according to a statement from the organization based in Bloomington.

The location of Cuba represents a “great opportunity for Illinois Food and Consumer Products,” but corn growers say that federal restrictions on financial transactions with Cuba are making business difficult.

Among other issues, the organization is calling on Obama to establish an office of agricultural trade on the island.

Illinois ranks sixth among the states that have lost business opportunities because of the financial and travel restrictions imposed by their government.

One thought on “US Farmers Press Obama on Cuba

  • Farmers are free to trade with Cuba. They can sell as much corn as they like …on the simple condition that Cuba pays upfront for the corn. US farmers cannot extend credit to Cuba, which has protected them the inevitable default Cuba has stuck ALL of their other creditors with.

    Tough luck.

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