US Helped Cuban Five Agent’s Wife Get Pregnant

Gerardo Hernandez with his wife Adriana Perez. Photo taken by Hector Planes at a Silvio Rodríguez concert last Saturday.

HAVANA TIMES — Included in the 18 months of secret negotiations between the governments of Cuba and the US was an agreement that allowed for the artificial insemination of Adriana Pérez, wife of former Cuban agent, Gerardo Hernández, while he served two life sentences in US prisons.

“The US granted the request of Mrs. Hernandez of having a child with her husband,” confirmed Brian Fallon, spokesman for the US Justice Department.

“The procedure itself was conducted in Panama and the Cuban government paid for everything,” said Tim Rieser, a foreign policy advisor to US Senator Patrick Leahy.

Speaking to Cuban television on Saturday Gerardo Hernández announced that “within 15 days, more or less, a girl called Gema will be born”.

The US federal prison system does not allow conjugal visits but there is a precedent in which they had authorized an inmate could perform artificial insemination.

5 thoughts on “US Helped Cuban Five Agent’s Wife Get Pregnant

  • I get the sense that Alan Gross is feeling much better since the
    $3.2 million settlement was announced.

  • Hahaha! Its true Terry. The reason the pregnant wife was never allowed to visit her husband in jail was because she was also in Cuban intelligence, ergo…spy. Youth alone may explain it. I am more inclined to believe that US Federal prison time is not as bad as Castro gulag hostage time. Yuk it up if you wish. I am here all week.

  • Give over, MO. Alan Gross was on a hunger strike. and he is elderly, no.

  • “What can be made of this?” Ummmmmmmmm…maybe because….they’re younger? You also wrote… “to artificially inseminate his ‘spy wife’. “OMG! Moses! Stop it! My sides are splitting! Thanks again for your continuing “observational” improv chuckles. Now please do carry on with your conspiracy theories too…a source of never ending entertainment for all of us.

  • It is interesting to note the robust physical appearance of the three Cuban spies upon their release from US custody in comparison to the gaunt and frail appearance of US hostage Alan Gross. Gross lost more than 100 pounds and it appears more than a few teeth. On the other hand, one of the Cuban spies we read in this post was allowed the luxury of donating his sperm to artificially inseminate his spy wife. One of the other Cuban spies even seems to have picked up a lot of weight. What can be made of this? Are Cubans, because of growing up in Cuba, better suited to prison food and health services and prison life in general? Was the Cuban military hospital where Gross was held hostage, closer to the Soviet gulag model it was fashioned after in more than just its architecture? Who knows but its an observation worth making.

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