US Imposes Total Economic Embargo on Venezuela, Freezes Gov. Assets

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro is showing the world that despite US sanctions he can rule with an iron fist. File photo:

HAVANA TIMES – Washington has frozen the assets of the Venezuelan government and associated entities due to the “continued usurpation of power” by President Nicolas Maduro, according to an executive order issued by President Donald Trump on Monday, reported dpa news.

The sanctions, which came into effect on Monday, represent a significant escalation of US attempts to force Maduro, who won a second term in a disputed election last year, from office.

The US has already used sanctions to target Venezuelan government officials, the central bank and its state-run oil and gas sector, from which the country derives the vast majority of its export earnings.

The new measure expands the existing sanctions against Venezuela with an executive order to impose a total economic embargo against the country. It prohibits economic transactions with it unless specifically exempted, such as those pertaining to humanitarian aid, reported CNN.

The Venezuelan economy has collapsed under Maduro, with inflation reaching 130,060 per cent last year and shortages of food and medicines driving millions of people abroad, scattered across the Americas and other continents.

The leader of the opposition-controlled National Assembly, Juan Guaido, declared himself interim president in January but despite immediately winning the support of dozens of countries he has failed to dislodge Maduro.

On Monday Trump accused Maduro’s government of “human rights abuses, arbitrary arrest and detention of Venezuelan citizens, curtailment of free press, and ongoing attempts to undermine Interim President Juan Guaido of Venezuela and the democratically-elected Venezuelan National Assembly.”

The announcement came a day ahead of the International Conference for Democracy in Venezuela in the Peruvian capital Lima, a meeting of representatives from than 50 countries seeking to find a peaceful solution to the crisis in Venezuela.

3 thoughts on “US Imposes Total Economic Embargo on Venezuela, Freezes Gov. Assets

  • August 7, 2019 at 2:22 pm

    Screw the hateful, power-grabbing, murderous USA.

  • August 6, 2019 at 9:21 am

    We will see what happens. It has not work, a total economic embargo on the part of The US, against Cuba. The push for Democracy American style is now at play in its most forceful way . Let’s all place our bets.

  • August 6, 2019 at 9:01 am

    and there was the scathing UN report by Bachelet, former socialist President of Chile. Maduro is a disaster, clinging onto power by use of the military and wreaking his Bolivarian Republic. Time to pack your bags Nicholas – no doubt to become an expensive guest in Cuba – who else would want him?

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