US Lifts Some Restrictions on Sales to Cuba

HAVANA TIMES, Dec. 14 – The US Congress approved the lifting of restrictions imposed in 2005 by the George W. Bush administration on food sales to Cuba, reported the press in Washington.  This measure will allow the island to again pay in cash while the merchandise is being transported and not through third country banks before the shipment of products, reported IPS.

One thought on “US Lifts Some Restrictions on Sales to Cuba

  • That sunny, fertile Cuba should have to buy food from the US is both shocking and hard to understand.

    Socialist Cuba need only follow Denmark’s example for prosperity by giving ownership of small farms and ranches to the peasants. These rural producers will then cooperate with each other for lower priced economic inputs to their enterprises; and higher product prices on both the domestic and international markets.

    A solvent and happy rural population is essential for successful socialist construction. The wealth generated and amassed by such peasants will make Cuba rich.

    All revolutions that have occurred in the past century were fueled by the peasants’ hunger to own their own land. Why can’t the Cuban Communist Party realize that giving land title to the people is the only way to both feed the Cuban people and bring great prosperity to the republic?

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