US Responds to Cuban Gov. Accusations

HAVANA TIMES — The United States Interests Section in Havana (USIS) published on its website a response to allegations made by the Cuban government recently of interfering in its internal affairs, reported the Cubaencuentro website.

The paper argues that training activities undertaken by the USIS in their facilities are “similar to those carried out by other US missions around the world.”

It added that, “This service would not be controversial or newsworthy if not for the limitations that the Cuban government puts on the use of Internet and the free flow of information.”

The explanation says that the US “permits the export of Internet services from Cuba,” and that the island “is free to negotiate contracts with Internet service providers in the United States and internationally.”

One thought on “US Responds to Cuban Gov. Accusations

  • The timing of the Cuban accusations against the US was odd. One week before US presidentilal elections. An election that pitted a possible second-term (translation: politically more flexible and likely to be more friendly to Cuba) democrat against an avowed anti-Castro republican. If it was intended to hurt Obama it obviously didn´t work and why would Cuba want to do that anyway? It was not new ¨news¨ in any fashion as this service has been going on for some time so why complain now? It is not illegal nor against international norms so really what was the point? It is like arresting Yoani Sanchez last week for a few hours and then letting her go. I have never agreed with the Castros but I used to think they were politically astute. Now, even that is changing.

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