US Says Corruption Generalized in Cuba

HAVANA TIMES, Jan. 24 — Corruption is generalized in Cuban society and affects the representatives of the State as well as persons who need to bribe or steal to survive, according to several cables from the U.S. Interests Section dated between 2005 and 2009 released by WikiLeaks. These practices have also spread to getting jobs in emerging sectors such as tourism and even in some medical services, reported IPS.

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2 thoughts on “US Says Corruption Generalized in Cuba

  • The U.S. imperialists should be collectively infamous worldwide for being the Mother-Of-All-Hypocritics, in that they continually and loudly point out the ‘crimes’ of others — crimes which they themselves have in fact systematically, routinely and consciously facilitated with their exploitative and rapacious policies of resource piracy.

    It’s also unsocialist/marxist to impute innate social characteristics to people who are in fact conditioned by their environment. Generally, only poor people steal bread: rich bastards, OTOH, steal the treasuries of entire countries. Which is worse?

  • There is always a criminal element in any country. Yes, there are people in Cuba who steal from their government in order to survive. In Cuba they are called escoria. In the U.S. we call them scum. The Cuban escoria, whenever they get a chance, they try to board a raft and make it to Key West and then Miami.

    In the United States there is a huge criminal element that operates with impunity from the floors of the U.S. House of Representatives and the the U.S. Senate. Annually, they steal billions from the working class of the U.S. and they proceed to hand it over to the big corporations, the mega banks, the super-rich and Wall Street.

    The name of this criminal element is : U.S. Capitalism.

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