US Says Not Involved in Venezuela Plot

Victoria Nuland.  Photo:
Victoria Nuland. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — The US government denied on Monday having any involvement in plans to destabilize Venezuela or a plot to assassinate opposition leader Henrique Capriles.

The accusation of US meddling had come from the interim president, Nicolas Maduro, who warned on TeleSur TV on Sunday that the Obama administration was involved in a plot against Capriles that would then be blamed on the Venezuelan government.

“We have information from a very reliable source. The plan has the objective to fill  Venezuelans with hate and in that way achieve what they haven’t achieved through elections,” said Maduro.

In refuting the accusation, US State Dept. spokesperson Victoria Nuland said: “the United States categorically rejects allegations of any U.S. government involvement in any plot to destabilize the Venezuelan government or to harm anyone in Venezuela.”

In the wake of the death of President Hugo Chavez, constitutionally mandated elections are set for April 14, with the main candidates being Nicolas Maduro, Chavez’s hand chosen successor, and Henrique Capriles, who lost to Chavez in elections last October by a margin of 11 percent.

3 thoughts on “US Says Not Involved in Venezuela Plot

  • Great use of logic, so U.S lies are more acceptable?

  • At least when my government lied to me about the existence of WMDs in Iraq, they backed up their lies with satellite photos and Iraqi scientists who attested to their existence. All Maduro has offered is “sources say”. Venezuelans need to raise their gullibility standards. Isn’t this the same guy who said he had 5 hour meetings with Chavez who ‘died’ 16 days later?

  • Expect anything from a government that has /is implicated in destabilizing South and central America.Hundreds of thousands of people murdered and the dissapeared.
    See “The War on Democracy” by John Pilger ,an investigative journalist ,one of the few that still has integrity and not part of the presstitute media.An eye opener .

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