US State Dept. Awards Yoani Sanchez

By Circles Robinson

Yoani Sanchez. Photo: Kelly Knaub

HAVANA TIMES, March 5 — Award winning Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez has been chosen to receive yet another prize this week, this time from the US State Department.

The “International Women of Courage” award will go to nine women worldwide and goes to Sanchez “for her work on behalf of freedom of expression in Cuba.”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and first lady Michelle Obama will head up the awards ceremony set for Tuesday March 8, International Women’s Day, informs an official press note.

Sanchez was invited to attend the ceremony but, as on other occasions when she has won international prizes, the Cuban government keeps her grounded, refusing to grant the required exit visa.

State Department spokesperson Virginia Staab noted that Sanchez has conquered global attention with her blog Generation Y from where she provides information about daily life on the Caribbean island.

The United States maintains a half-century economic blockade on Cuba in an effort to promote regime change.  A travel ban also prohibits ordinary US citizens from visiting the neighboring country.

3 thoughts on “US State Dept. Awards Yoani Sanchez

  • I for one hold the utmost respect for this lady dares to fight for her right to freeedom of speech and other human rights, we as US Citizens enjoy freely and take for granted.
    I’m glad that she was chosen to receive this prestigious award and recognition (among so many others) that she hasn’t been given permission to receive.
    Wether we agree with her or not, is not the issue. This is about her great journalism and heroism. She dares to share with the world what so many don’t know and could not imagine about Cuba, and that my friend is called “The Truth”, she shares the truth! If you have any doubts, please feel free to walk a day in a REAL CUBAN’S shoes. Not a day as a tourist in Cuba, or a day in the shoes of someone who has a government position but a day in a REAL Cuban family home and a day in a REAL Cuban family life! I Did and I must say it’s no caribbean vacation…..but you would never feel better anywhere else because those ppl take the shirts off their backs to make sure you feel like a King or a Queen in their home.

  • actually I find myself questioning credibility..

  • I’m sure she richly deserves such an award. She apparently has provided valuable service to the US State Department.

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