US Threatens Venezuelan Oil Embargo, Would Support a Military Coup

Donald Trump y Nicolas Maduro. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES ­­– As Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro prepares favorable conditions for his reelection until 2025, tension grows with the Trump administration, reports Democracy Now on Monday:

During a five-nation trip to South America, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the U.S. is considering imposing sanctions and possibly an oil embargo against the oil-rich state. Late last week Tillerson suggested the U.S. would support the Venezuelan military toppling the elected government of Nicolás Maduro.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson: “I think there will be a change. We want it to be a peaceful change. … In the history of Venezuela, and, in fact, the history in other Latin American and South American countries, oftentimes it’s the military that handles that, that when things are so bad, that the military leadership realizes they just can’t serve the citizens anymore, they will manage a peaceful transition.”

Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino criticized Tillerson for hinting at a possible military coup in Venezuela.

Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López : “When you invite the armed forces to overthrow a government, you are disrespecting an institution that uses its principles, its republican morality, its historical traditions. We are deeply proud of being the heirs of our liberator.”

17 thoughts on “US Threatens Venezuelan Oil Embargo, Would Support a Military Coup

  • In the USA, if people on the “left” work toward health care and education as rights of a free people, others on the “right” lock everything down into a funnel of money to prevent real access. Despite the ongoing rounds of blame in the US Congress, it is the extremely rich, usually right-leaning politicians who shut down essential services because they cannot agree on how to divide up the taxes that millions of others have paid, into their own pockets and their own shelters. Yes, there are rich politicians on the “left” who are just as corrupt, but most on the “right” are truly shameless in their lies and their theft. The only ideas and actions that originate from the “right” in the USA tend to hurt everyone but the privileged few, and do nothing to encourage education (not indoctrination), free thought, truth or transparency in any fashion, and least of all, health and health care as a right of the general population. Even the mandate of insurance payments does nothing to guarantee actual health care for the people, as many facilities can still refuse to honor such insurance; the mandate simply requires money in exchange for words on paper with no teeth.

  • Wonder if The Regime would support a military/socialist coup in the US….

  • Hasten in the truest sense of the word. May God bless Special Prosecutor Mueller.

  • The Castros have never faced the Cuban electorate in a free and independent election. Your example is ignorant.

  • The noble “left” that you worship, after educating their people, limit access to what they can read. The left provides access to free health care but reserves the best medicines and facilities for only their wealthy or well-connected cronies. Your vaunted left leadership ensure housing for all and then ensconce themselves on private islands or villas or hide behind the guarded walls in private communities. Hypocrisy at its worst.

  • Brother Moses, How could the Right wing and the Left wing are more alike than different? They are as far apart like the East is from the West! One works in the interest of the rich and the oligarchs and the other works in the interest of the wretched and the oppressed working class people. The Left educate its peopl while the right keeps them in perpetural ignorance so that they could easily absorb the propaganda that is being spewed out at them. The illiterate cannot think for themselves. When you take the scales of ignorance and illiteracy from the eyes of a people, you totally liberate them, for they can now think for themselves

  • Brother Moses, Why should it be so difficult to kick Trump out of the Whire House? If a business place hire an employee and he does not live up to expectation, he is fired! If your idea of Democracy means VOTING by the electorate and that same electorate decides that Donald is not living up to expectation, that electorate who gave him the Vote should be able to recall their Votes and send him packing. This is done in Cuba! The practice in Cuba is true and real Democracy. The electorates are the Employers of Trump, so, why can;t they fire him pronto?

  • Brother K.E.C. Sir,
    There is deception and………
    there is ‘realpolitik’….
    Sometimes it is difficult to squeeze a cigarette paper between the two !!

  • An interesting viewpoint as always Mr P and I do get your point.
    But is the ‘DEMOCRACY’ you speak of worth it’s weight in salt or is it merely a billboard to hide behind ?
    (as are those somewhat frayed billboards in Cuba ??)
    Surely the apparent reality that your ‘DEMOCRACY’ has been subverted gives reason to hasten the kick in the pants for your rogue liar-in chief ??

  • I am constantly amazed by the wackos on the right who support Trump and the wackos on the left who support Maduro. What is most amazing is how you folks ignore those facts that you disagree with and exaggerate other minor truths to fit your false narrative. You are more alike than different. Amazing!

  • Because of our DEMOCRACY, kicking Trump out of the White House is no easy task. It will and should take some time.

  • Brother Nick, you are right on the ball; you have hit the nail squarely on the head. China has huge investments in bonds in the USA. China owns many famous buildings in the USA. WERE China to recall all of its investments in the USA, the USA economy would collapse and the way you hear the USA speaks about China, you would never fathom that without the same China the USA would collapse!. The hypocrisy of the USA which is dying a very slow death. Donald Trump has said on numerous occasions that China poses a serious National Security Threat to the USA and China is right inside the USA propping it up. Do you see naked DECEPTION brother Nick?

  • What has happened to the United Nations Charter which forbids the interference of one country in the domestic affairs of another Sovereign Country? The USA is always imposing sanctions on other countries. Who imposes SANCTIONS on it when it invades other Countries and overthrow their lawfully elected Government? Right now the USA has troops in Syria which is a Sovereign Country. It also has troops all over the world. The USA is the greated THREAT to WORLD PEACE. There is never a time that the USA speaks PEACE and if it does, it speaks with a forked tongue which nobody can trust; No one can trust the word of the USA for it has lost credibility.

    Venezuela is a Sovereign Nation, capable of solving its own affairs. The problem with President Maduro and Chavez is that they are using the revenues from the natural resources of the country to uplift the ordinary man and woman of the country. This is a stuck bone in the craw of the USA which hates to see these people being uplifted; the USA prefers to see them at the mercy of the oligarchs who must have access to all the fruits of the land while the vast majority starve to death or sit under thier tables with hands cupped, waiting for the crumbs to fall from their tables. Every conscientious working class man and woman in the word, owe it a duty to support the people, Government, and President Maduro in this destabilizing campaign against the Sovereignity of VENEZUELA!

  • The examples I described indeed took place during the cold war but I’m afraid the facts speak for themselves.
    However one looks at it, these examples show quite definitely that US policy in the region has shown little regard for ‘democracy’.
    US policy in the region is traditionally based on whether governments of sovereign nations are pro US style capitalism or not.
    Tillerson’s comments show that not so much has changed.
    You are entirely correct to point out Soviet influence in the region. Perhaps the most telling intervention in the region was when the fella from them them old KGBs played a decisive role in getting the current rogue into the White House?
    When is the USA going to stand up straight and kick trump and his cronies out Mr P??

  • In many of the examples you listed, the Soviet Union/Cuba was involved with the leftist government being overthrown. This by no means justifies outside interference in Latin American affairs by either side. It is simply worth noting that it is not as one-sided as your comment implies.

  • When Tillerson speaks of ‘peaceful transition’ is he perhaps referring to the US backed coup to overthrow a democratically elected government in Chile?
    The US terrorist campaign waged against a democratically elected government in Nicaragua?
    The US invasion of tiny Grenada (timed to coincide with Reagan’s re-election campaign)?
    Obviously many more examples could be listed…………..
    Comes as absolutely no surprise that the USA would back another coup attempt in Venezuela.
    They backed the last one didn’t they?

  • Tillerson spoke the truth. However, whether it was wise of him to say what he said when he said it is debatable.

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