US Tightens the Noose on Cuba to Hurt Tourism and Imports

Photo: Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES – The United States on Friday announced a further tightening of restrictions on Cuba’s access to commercial aircraft and other goods.

The move supports the Trump administration’s earlier decision to hold the Cuban regime accountable for repressing its citizens and continuing to provide support to Venezuela, the Commerce Department said in a news release.

“This action by the Commerce Department sends another clear message to the Cuban regime – that they must immediately cease their destructive behavior at home and abroad,” Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said in the statement.

The administration “will continue to act against the Cuban regime for its misdeeds, while continuing to support the Cuban people and their aspirations for freedom and prosperity.”

The department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) has revoked licenses for aircraft leases to Cuban state-owned airlines. Cuba has been using the leased aircraft to transport tourists, providing revenue for the regime’s illicit activities, it added.

The BIS is also expanding sanctions to include more foreign goods containing US content and is imposing additional restrictions on exports to the Cuban regime.

US President Donald Trump’s administration has stepped up sanctions on Cuba, including a ban on former president Raul Castro from entering the United States, and limiting remittances to the island.

Cuba has pledged to maintain its support to Venezuela despite stepped-up US pressure.

Trump has been rolling back a US-Cuba detente introduced under his predecessor, Barack Obama.  At the time, Cuba also sharply criticized Obama’s overtures after a scathing statement from Fidel Castro just eight months before his death in Havana.


17 thoughts on “US Tightens the Noose on Cuba to Hurt Tourism and Imports

  • Cuba’s biggest gang is known as the “CDR” !

  • Curt: I Know first Hand of the Crimes & The Gangs are in all of Cuba, So Please STOP Talking about what you do not understand fully. Once you have stayed a Night in a Cuban Police Station then you can See & Hear More of The Real Cuba. What do you think the People of Cuba Living in FEAR all these years, Are they really any different then the Drug addicted from the streets of other Nations. When you have Talked from the Men that returned from Angola & Hear The Other Voices of Cuba We can just start to understand. Listen To The People, The Elder,s have something to Stay To The World if We will Just Listen. Once The World Removes it,s Blinder,s to Cuba We Will All Be Shocked what Forced Controls have been taking place for so many years just 90 miles away from the strongest Freest Nation the World Has ever Known, OTHER Then Canada. Possibly The work of Trump is Not perfect But He is Doing Something that No Man has Before Him. No Person Shall be Controlled from a Form of Communist. Would We Live as the people of Cuba do By our Chooses. I Think Not.

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