Venezuela Advises Cuba on BP Spill

HAVANA TIMES, May 24 – Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez sent a commission of experts to Cuba to advise the island on how to address the oil slick from the Gulf of Mexico, which will possibly affect its coasts in a few weeks, announced the president. The delegation, headed by the vice president of the state-run PDVSA oil company, Eulogio Del Pino, will help to organize simulations to preview the consequences of the oil spill, reported IPS.

One thought on “Venezuela Advises Cuba on BP Spill

  • This is probably going to be a complete disaster for cuban onshore wildlife and Cuba’s fishing economy no matter what anyone does; but at least these nominally socialist governments will likely organize the best response possible — unlike the actions of the capitalist criminals elsewhere: who have made this the Mother Of All Oil Spill Disasters, from beginning to end.

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