Venezuela: Key Military Man and Legislator Abandons Maduro

Hugo Carvajal abandonó hoy el gobierno de Nicolas Maduro. Foto de archivo:

HAVANA TIMES – One day before the beginning of an unpredictable weekend with great consequences for the lives of Venezuelans, Hugo Carvajal, the former military intelligence chief in Venezuela, left the government of Nicolas Maduro and offered his loyalty to the self-proclaimed interim presidente, Juan Guaido.

The following is the text of the breaking news offered by the Aporrea website.  At the bottom we include videos for those who can understand Spanish.


Deputy of the governing PSUV, Hugo Carvajal, recognizes Guaidó as “president in charge” and asks the Armed Forces to allow in to Venezuela the humanitarian aid

By Aporrea

Hugo Carvajal, former military intelligence and counterintelligence chief in Venezuela under Hugo Chavez and a current deputy of the governing United Socialist Party (PSUV), announced today through a series of videos published on Twitter, his recognition of Juan Guaido, the self-proclaimed “president in charge”. He also called on the Armed Forces to allow for the reception of the humanitarian aid piling up on the country’s borders.

Carvajal sent a message “to the Venezuelan people”, and mainly to his former comrades in arms, where he assured that not accepting the entry of food and medicine would be an inhumane decision.

Carvajal put himself under the orders of the interim president Juan Guaido in “the objective of reestablishing the constitutional order that allows us to call free elections.”

“Venezuelan people, we are in the biggest humanitarian and republican crisis in our history. I am addressing you with a double responsibility: the one I have as a deputy to the National Assembly, the last vestige of democracy that remains alive in this country, but also with the responsibility that I have as a soldier of this country,” Carvajal began his speech.

“Everyone knows me for having fulfilled my duties in a military career of more than 30 years. Within that time, I had to direct intelligence and military counterintelligence for more than a decade during two periods of Hugo Chavez, who besides being my Commander in Chief, was my great friend,” assured the parliamentarian for the state of Monagas. “The Military Academy taught me to always fulfill my sacred duties and patriotic oaths,” he said. 

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