Venezuela: Opposition Doesn’t Recognize Voting Results

Opposition campaign chair Gerardo Blyde. File Photo:

HAVANA TIMES – The Venezuelan opposition said today it does not recognize the results of the National Electoral Council (CNE) in the regional elections held Sunday, which gave the ruling party a victory 17 governors against five for the opposition, reported dpa news.

The leader of the campaign team of the Democratic Unity Alliance (MUD), Gerardo Blyde, said that the results do not correspond to the information they have been receiving at the end of the election day.

“We do not recognize the results emitted by the CNE. We went over obstacles, a tricky system, which represents the abusive dominance of those in power and whose results do not reflect reality,” he said in a statement at midnight on Sunday.

He also called on the opposition candidates, including those who were declared winners, to verify the entire process and called on the people to join together in new forms of protest. Some of the opposition did not participate in the elections stating they would be not be transparent.

Blyde said that in this election the opposition coalition tried “to play by the rules and even against the rules that kept changing, I say as a citizen and as a Venezuelan, to unify a single policy and strategy” of struggle.