Venezuela: The Axe Falls on the Attorney General

The decision to dismiss Attorney General Luisa Ortega was highly expected.

Maduro’s Constituent Assembly Begins by Dismissing  Luisa Ortega

HAVANA TIMES  – The National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela, all-powerful body controlled by the ruling party, today in its first action dismissed Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz, reported dpa news.

A former sympathizer and faithful server of the government of Hugo Chavez, Ortega Diaz became in recent months a leading critic of President Nicolas Maduro. Earlier today she had reported that the headquarters of the Public Ministry (her offices) was being besieged by military commandos.

Ortega Diaz will be replaced by the current Ombudsman, Tarek William Saab, who calls himself a Chavista and who will have emergency powers to reform the Prosecutor’s Office as he sees fit.

With Ortega’s dismissal, several cases under investigation for corruption by government officials are expected to be filed away.

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