Venezuela: The Axe Falls on the Attorney General

The decision to dismiss Attorney General Luisa Ortega was highly expected.

Maduro’s Constituent Assembly Begins by Dismissing  Luisa Ortega

HAVANA TIMES  – The National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela, all-powerful body controlled by the ruling party, today in its first action dismissed Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz, reported dpa news.

A former sympathizer and faithful server of the government of Hugo Chavez, Ortega Diaz became in recent months a leading critic of President Nicolas Maduro. Earlier today she had reported that the headquarters of the Public Ministry (her offices) was being besieged by military commandos.

Ortega Diaz will be replaced by the current Ombudsman, Tarek William Saab, who calls himself a Chavista and who will have emergency powers to reform the Prosecutor’s Office as he sees fit.

With Ortega’s dismissal, several cases under investigation for corruption by government officials are expected to be filed away.

11 thoughts on “Venezuela: The Axe Falls on the Attorney General

  • No I do not mean that at all.

  • You all ignore the conditions created by the war neo-liberalism is waging against Cuba Venezuela and all peoples trying to build a new world! You seem to think the embargo doesn’t exist. You forget the series of asasinations carried out in the US 2 Kennedys, Martin Malcolm Panthers plus the myriad attacks against Cuba and all over the earth. You seem to think that building socialism exists in a bubble.

  • As you Guy probably don’t know Cuba intimately, let me explain that Channel 13.4 of Cuban state controlled TV although dubbed “Education Channel 2”, is dedicated to broadcasting the Maduro controlled TeleSurTV from Venezuela. So you are correct in indicating that if one seeks to know the propaganda line of Maduro, turn to TeleSurTV. For those who seek it, there is a rag-bag of well known communist supporters expressing their support for the installation of left wing dictatorship and eradication of multi-party elections to be seen and heard on TeleSurTV. The majority of Cubans prefer to watch the soccer games of La Liga, Bundeslige and the Premier League, they have seen enough of communist propaganda having been subjected to mit for almost sixty years.

  • Well Guy, you can attribute the original ignorance to Fidel Castro Ruz as the Troll.. It is now about eight years since in writing his two page contribution to ‘Granma’, Fidel declared that he did not recognize any difference between communism and socialism and that to him they were both “Socialismo”. As this is the Havana Times and as when addressing politics in Cuba, socialism and communism are the same. Of course there are those like myself, who carefully define the difference between democratic socialism which recognizes the right of people to vote for their party of choice, and socialism as defined by Fidel Castro.
    So, as possibly a newcomer to Havana Times, I hope you now understand why the word ‘socialism’ is used here as it is.
    However, you enquire: “What is the matter with people that can’t tell the difference between communism and socialism?” Apart from recognizing Fidel’s paranoid seeking of power and marked narcissism, I am unable to tell you what other problems caused his failure to comprehend the differences.
    The quotation I gave, was from Winston Churchill, who did recognize the difference between socialism and communism.

  • What is the matter with people that can’t tell the difference between communism and socialism ?
    It is ignorance or trolling.Trolling would be most likely .

  • Life is very equitable in Venezuela. It sucks for almost everybody.

  • By “equitable” Jon, I take it that you mean equally repressed by communist dictatorship?
    “The inherent vice os socialism is the equal sharing of misery.”

  • Luisa Ortega can now face the truth. Pursuit of communism inevitably ends up with dictatorship. That is the objective of Nicholas Maduro. When will those who write in these pages so avidly supporting repression of others, move to Cuba or now to Venezuela and experience reality. ‘Tis easy to enjoy the advantages of living in the capitalist world and to pontificate about the theory of communism (or ‘Socialismo’), but they do not seek to have such conditions themselves.

  • When the U.S. stops buying Venezuelan oil, cash will be shut down to Castro, trying to feed Cubans!! We are not at war with V or C , leave us out of the picture and find out where the bear pooped in the woods!!

  • The US is at war with Venezuela as it is against Cuba as it is against any anti neo-liberal effort to forge an equitable life on earth.

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