Venezuela’s CNE: “Audit Won’t Change Results”

Nicolas Maduro. Foto:

HAVANA TIMES — The Venezuelan National Electoral Council (CNE) informed on Saturday that the audit to be conducted on the April 14 election procedures will not affect the outcome that saw Nicolas Maduro win a close race.  Maduro was sworn in as president on Friday.

“There is no possibility that the results change, with the automated system the voting machine records what the voter presses,” said Sandra Oblitas, a CNE member.  She added that a recount of paper ballots doesn’t exist and isn’t included in the audit process.

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The election official told a press conference that some media have communicated false expectations: “There has been a handling of the issue that has led to confusion. In a light-handed fashion they have mixed the complaints presented on situations that occurred at the polling stations with inconformity with the irreversible results.”

“The results we gave on April 14 are irreversible, as far as the CNE is concerned the electoral process has concluded;” said Oblitas.  She further noted that the audit “is a purely technical matter, and whoever is not in agreement should address the Venezuelan Supreme Court,” to contest the elections.

Oblitas said the CNE will announce a timeline of the verification process and the results will be delivered every ten days until the process is completed.

Maduro won the elections on April 14 with 50.78% of the votes (7,575,704) to 48.95% of opposition leader Henrique Capriles (7,302,648).  Capriles filed a formal request with the CNE for an audit of the elections process, believing that there irregularities that could have influenced the final results.


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  • What aggression? B-2 bomber overflights is aggression. Name one act of the US government towards Venezuela in 20 years that a reasonable person would call aggressive. You parrot comments without knowing what the hell you are talking about!

  • Capriles is refusing to recognize the results for the same reason as the US gov’t, to motivate a continuation of aggression against Venezuela. But, then, this is to state the obvious.

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