Venezuela’s Maduro Caught in Trump’s Radar

Trump Threatens Maduro if he proceeds with a Constituent Assembly to rewrite the Constitution

Donald Trump and Nicolas Maduro. Photos:

HAVANA TIMES – Donald Trump warned Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro today that the United States will take “strong and swift” economic action if he continues with plans to elect a Constituent Assembly to draft a new Constitution, reported dpa.

The warnings of the Trump administration feed right into Maduro’s ongoing argument that the imperialist government of Washington wants to meddle in the internal affairs of Venezuela, justification for his repressive policies against any internal opposition to its government.

“Yesterday the Venezuelan people made it clear that they stand for democracy, freedom and the rule of law,” Trump said in a statement a day after the popular consultation organized by the Venezuelan opposition.

Trump said the Venezuelan people are still ignored by “a bad leader who dreams of becoming a dictator.”

“The United States will not stand still watching Venezuela crumble,” he said. “If the Maduro regime imposes its Constituent Assembly on July 30, the United States will take strong and swift economic action,” Trump added.

The statement came after his spokesman, Sean Spicer, had already called on Maduro a few hours earlier to cancel the constituent assembly process.

The consultation on Sunday, which the opposition said involved more than seven million Venezuelans, is an “unequivocal message” to the Government of Maduro, said the spokesman.

Maduro should cancel the process for drafting a new constitution and hold “free and fair elections,” Spencer added, in a demand also contained in the Trump statement.

The spokesman also condemned the “violence inflicted by government thugs against innocent voters and government efforts to erode democracy” in the country.

In similar terms, the US State Department also issued a statement on Monday afternoon condemning the death of another person in Venezuela and encouraged the international community to call on Maduro to suspend the Constituent Assembly process.

The government of Nicolas Maduro is the leading political and economic ally of the Cuban government of Raul Castro.

8 thoughts on “Venezuela’s Maduro Caught in Trump’s Radar

  • THANK YOU Earle Kennedy Clarke for the LAUGH OF THE DAY!
    I look forward to seeing you post a picture of a leopard with stripes!

    If you want a lesson in how to become a dictator, just watch Nicholas Maduro!

    On the one hand you declare that Donald Trump(f) is the “most incompetent President in the history of the USA”, and then credit him with “just stirring up trouble all over the world”.

  • I don’t understand

  • Carlyle Mac Duff, Maduro, unlike Pinochet was a duly elected official by the Venezuelan people. How can he become a dictator? As I keep saying all along, the UN Charter gives a Sovereign Country the right to pursue its path of development. The USA, the WORLD’S GREATEST BULLY must STOP meddling in the internal affairs of other countries, for it has a ton load of house cleaning to do, before it can see clearly to meddle in the affairs of other countries which are SOVEREIGN! Donald Trump, the most incompetent President in the history of the USA, is just stirring up trouble all over the world. The USA need to muzzle the man, for he is totally out of control; the man is a calamity! I didn’t expect anything better from the brother who, like the leopard, just cannot change his stripes!

  • I did not describe Maduro as a dictator, but as a “would-be dictator”, That CErmle is why I wrote that Maduro seeks to follow in the steps of Pinochet. Not even a blind man can fail to observe Maduro’s intention. Hence he wants to get rid of the Chavez Constitution – under which he was elected with a majority of 1% although able to manipulate the electoral system.
    Sadly, we will see who is correct!
    Dictators CErmle are evil whether of left or right. Don’t you agree?

  • There is no dictatorship in Venezuela. Nicholas Maduro is the legally elected President of the Republic. Muduro and Pinochet have absolutely nothing in common. You are very misinformed.

  • What a pathetic defence of Nicholas Maduro’s actions in Venezuela Ruben Alberto. You obviously favour the installation of a “Socialismo” dictatorship in Venezuela, but pretend that it is all a consequence of US intervention. I have little sympathy with US history in the America’s, but surely those countries themselves and both actual and would-be dictators like Maduro hold the major responsibility for their own actions. Where Pinochet walked, Maduro seeks to follow!

  • The United States of America should not interfere with international issues that do not effect the U.S. continent or territories. The United States should not be listen to by the United Nations in foreign policies because the United States want to rule the world in the way it profits the United States and not other nations that they do not care for only for imperialism and exploitation conditions. The United States is a GIANT CORPORATION and it prays on other countries to bend over for them. Let’s look at Cuba the first free territory in the America’s, the U.S. tried to mingle and run the government over there with there plots, ambushing, frame-ups, influence, and so forth. Look at what Cuban did in the Revolution, they caught up with all the plots, and people destroying the Cuban country and government and said “You Ain’t Running Nothing Around Hear But Your Mouths”. Upon arresting all of the foreign persons causing treason to the country, they starting interrogating them, and executing them in the firing squads. All the Mafia was executed by firing squads, a few said that there families would come and save them, the Cuban government gave them rich Mafia criminals 30 days to live awaiting for their families to set up a rescue plan, but were eventually executed too. You Cannot Run Anything…

  • You must really be at the bottom of the barrel when Donald Trump can stake out the moral high ground over you.

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