Weather in Havana for May 12-18

A passing cold front will bring some rain

By Eduardo

A weakened cold front will arrive on Saturday in the early afternoon causing intermittent drizzles late Saturday and on Sunday, in addition to the probability of some rain on Monday morning.

The maximum temperatures over the period will fluctuate between 32°C (90°F) and 33°C (91°F). The minimum temperature will be around 23°C (73°F).

The wind will be from the south until Saturday. With the passing of the cold front it will rotate until coming from the west-northwest over the rest of the period while reaching speeds of between 20 kph (12 mph) and 30 kph (19 mph).

The sea surface temperature will be 27°C (81°F), rising to 28°C (82°F) beginning Sunday.

Weekly forecast, valid as of Wednesday / May 11

Thursday, May 12 – max 33°C (91°F), min 22°C (72°F).
The day will be sunny.

Friday, May 13 – max 34°C (93°F), min 23°C (73°F).

The day will be sunny.

Saturday, May 14 – max 33°C (91°F), min 24°C (75°F).
Drizzle in the afternoon.

Sunday, May 15 – max 32°C (90°F), min 23°C (73°F).
Intermittent drizzle.

Monday, May 16 – max 30°C (86°F), min 22°C (72°F).
The day will be partially cloudy.

Tuesday, May 17 – max 31°C (88°F), min 22°C (72°F).
The day will be partially cloudy.

Wednesday, May 18 – max 32°C (90°F), min 23°C (73°F).
The day will be partially cloudy.


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