What Will Big Time US Tourism Mean for Cuba?

Turismo-americano-antel-del-59HAVANA TIMES — One of the concerns some people have with the new relations between the US and Cuba is the possibility of large scale US tourism to the island. What would that mean?

Will increased economic activity make the island a more attractive place for Cubans?

Here’s a picture of how Cuba was advertised in the pre-revolution days.

8 thoughts on “What Will Big Time US Tourism Mean for Cuba?

  • Just statistics:
    Canadians represented 45% of tourists
    Canada has a population of 35 million
    The US has a population of 330 million
    Only 17% of US citizens have ever had a passport – would more than half of them go to visit Cuba?

  • Only time will tell if my conclusion is accurate. Your Cancun point is irrelevant as, from the moment it developed, the ENTIRE world had access. If I recall correctly, the figures for this past year showed that Canadians were over 40 % of the tourists to Cuba, coming from a 30 million population.
    The U.S. has 300 million people – if only 10% of them are chomping at the bit to visit the forbidden fruit, just to experience it, they will fill the bedrooms for an entire year.
    Over the 20 years that I have averaged 5 months a year living in a Cuban city, I know that Cuba grabs as much as the market can bear- they are going to jack the prices as soon as the Americans are allowed in – the law and the prices change daily, whenever officials see an opportunity for a moneygrab – When someone asks me the Cuban rules, I always conclude with – that is the way today but tomorrow can be vastly different – I could write a book to illustrate this point.

  • Sex sells in Cuba currently, from the high end at Tropicana to the low end in the backstreets of Old Havana.
    Three years ago I was shown at a secondary school in Cuba CD’s of three intended GolfHotel complexes to be built in Western Cuba just north of the Guanahabibes Peninsula. (NONE OF WHICH HAS COME TO FRUITION)The declared purpose was to attract “rich” tourists. I pointed out that there were no nearby towns to provide interest in the evenings and that “rich” tourists are not satisfied with having an MC to create fun in the evenings and in consequence Casinos would be necessary. However as you will know, casinos are anathema to the Castro family regime which carefully built up an image over 56 years of them being dens of iniquity operated by the US Mafia. I explained that for example in Alberta, Canada the casinos are controlled by the Provincial Government and that charities and sports organizations supply some staffing, being rewarded by substantial grants.
    In June 2015, Marino Murillo the Minister of Economics told the meeting of “Parliament” that Cubans should not expect any increase in income.
    Cuba should not in its own interests gravitate to a US Dollar economy but introduce its own legal tender to float on the free market.
    The last thing that Cuba needs is to have the US again dominate the lives of its citizens.
    Gaviota has announced its intention to build a further 14,000 hotel bedrooms in the 2015-17 period.
    I understand your Utopian thinking, but we are discussing the reality of Cuba and of the regime that holds power and control over it.

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