Wikileaks publishes new files on Cuba

Wikileaks logo.
Wikileaks logo.

HAVANA TIMES — WikiLeaks has published on its website 367,000 pages of US government documents, related to the term of office of President Jimmy Carter, in which the word “Cuba” appears on 3,215 pages CubaDebate reported.

According to the searches in the dossier prepared by the website, “Fidel Castro” can be found on 1,530 pages, while “War in Angola” on 2,197.

In four documents appears “Luis Posada Carriles,” one of which is a confidential report of the Secretary of State to Carter, which states that there is evidence of a CIA plot involving the terrorist to assassinate Fidel Castro.

Julian Assange has released so far on the Wikileaks site a total 2.3 million secret documents of US diplomacy.

The Cuban press usually does not publish the content regarding Cuba present in these revelations.