Will Raul or Fidel Castro attend the Hoisting of the US Flag in Havana?

Fidel and Raul Castro at a session of the Cuban parliament on February 24, 2013. Photo: granma.cu

By Circles Robinson

HAVANA TIMES — A regular HT reader just asked me whether I thought Fidel and/or Raul Castro would be on hand to watch the United States flag go up this Friday at the newly opened embassy in Havana.

I mentioned that the protocol makes it very unlikely for President Raul Castro to attend, although not impossible, and that Fidel, who celebrates his 89th birthday on Thursday, would most likely not want to be directly associated with the event because of his stated mistrust of the US government.

The foreseen scenario includes a replay of what took place at the Cuban embassy in Washington on July 20. The US will invite its guests for the ceremony headed by Secretary of State John Kerry. Then a brief meeting will be held with Cuban foreign minister Bruno Rodriguez as well as a press conference.

Kerry will not be spending the night in Havana on this protocol visit.

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    Moses, Yes, they migrate for ECONOMIC REASONS, we have gone through this before, get out a bit out of the USA bubble while you are on the hike/walkabout I’m sending you on right now and CHECK IT OUT!

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