Xiomara Castro Claims Victory in Honduras Election

Xiomara Castro has a big lead with 50% of the votes counted in Sunday’s elections in Honduras.

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – In Honduras, leftist presidential candidate Xiomara Castro has claimed victory as preliminary results showed her leading the runner-up by nearly 20%, with 50% of ballots counted. The historic election saw a record voter turnout. Thousands of Castro’s supporters took to the streets of Tegucigalpa to celebrate what could be the end of the 12-year brutal regime under the conservative National Party, which rose to power after a U.S.-backed coup in 2009 overthrew democratically-elected leftist President Manuel Zelaya. Xiomara Castro is Zelaya’s wife. If her victory is confirmed, Castro would become the first woman ever elected as president of Honduras.

Xiomara Castro: “We are going to build a new era. Out with the death squads. Out with corruption. Out with drug trafficking and organised crime. No more poverty and misery. To victory. The people will always be united. Together we are going to transform this country.”

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3 thoughts on “Xiomara Castro Claims Victory in Honduras Election

  • Oh for goodness sake. Zelaya was not ousted in a coup. He was impeahed by the Honduras Congress whose action was affirme by the supreme court. The military escorted him out of his office but only after his impeachment. This does not justify the actions of the subsequent regimes, but please get the facts straight.

  • How long before she becomes another leftist dictator that won’t leave and destroys her country? Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua ring a bell? These leftist fascists are using elections to stay in power without limits. Honduras will become even worse with her as the president.

  • She sounds good. How long before she is ousted in a U.S. backed military coup?

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