Zoo Animals Arrive in Cuba from Namibia

HAVANA TIMES — The first delivery of the “Noah’s Ark II” donation of zoo animals from Namibia, valued at $17 million, arrived in Cuba on Friday, reported Granma newspaper.

According to the article, reaching the island were 131 animals representing 20 species of African wildlife. These will be cared for by the National Zoological Park in the Havana suburb of Boyeros. “Veterinary measures were executed as required for these cases,” adds Granma.

The second part of the shipment from the Etosha National Park is scheduled for 2013. At that time will come “fifteen large-sized mammals, five of which will be elephants and the rest black and white rhinos.”

According to the Café Fuerte website, the operation to bring animals to the island has generated the usual criticism from animal rights groups.

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  • Why ??????????????
    Zoos are so out of date , so prehistory , so unnecessary . nobody needs them and it is only animal abuse.
    Shame on you Cuba !!!

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