Nicaragua: Civic Alliance Reaffirms Will to Dialogue to Overcome Crisis

It places itself at the OAS’ “disposal” to fulfill the resolution approved in Medellin, Colombia

Released political prisoners at a mass in the Managua cathedral. Photo: Carlos Herrera / Confidencial

By Arlen Cerda  (Confidencial) 

HAVANA TIMES – The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy sent a letter to the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) putting itself at its’ disposal to “facilitate the process” of compliance with the resolution on Nicaragua, approved by the General Assembly of the organization in Medellin, Colombia, at the end of June.

Given the lack of will of the Ortega-Murillo regime to comply with the resolution backed by the OAS foreign ministers, the Civic Alliance reminded the president of the Permanent Council, Ambassador of Grenada, Yolande Yvonne Smith, that the Government has not complied with the agreements signed at the negotiation table in Managua.

The Alliance stressed that the release of “104 political prisoners” is still pending, that all judicial cases must be totally closed, and that the government must stop arresting, kidnapping, harassing, and torturing citizens released from prison and the remaining political prisoners.

“The Government of Nicaragua has not shown good faith, nor a willingness to fully comply with the agreements reached, in particular the agreement of March 29 on the restitution of constitutional rights and guarantees. Nor has it complied with the recommendations of the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights (IACHR), which, among other points, includes the disarmament of paramilitary groups,” the Civic Alliance affirms.

For this reason, the opposition places itself at “the OAS’ disposal to facilitate the process.” “We announce our decision to take immediate action to establish the relevant coordination and communications with the Permanent Council of the OAS to assist and facilitate the diplomatic efforts entrusted to the Commission, which will contribute to the creation of the necessary conditions so that at the negotiating table, a peaceful and effective solution to the political and social crisis that the country lives can be reached,” maintains the Civic Alliance.

The resolution passed at the General Assembly in Medellin creates a commission to evaluate the government’s compliance within a period of 75 days. The OAS resolution urges the resumption of the national dialogue, insists on the re-entry into Nicaragua of the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights (IACHR) and demands that all political prisoners be freed, among other points for democratization.

“The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy considers that a peaceful and democratic solution to the current socio-political crisis of the country can no longer be put off and that the OAS can contribute to the fulfillment of the agreements,” reads the letter sent to Yvonne Smith.

“In particular, it is urgent to implement electoral reforms that will allow the country to be redirected to the democratic order through fair, free, transparent and early elections. Therefore, the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy reiterates its willingness to dialogue.”

To date, the Ortega government has not made any reference to the Medellin resolution, which is basically, an ultimatum to the dictatorship to negotiate a solution to the crisis.

“Similarly, we also welcome and support the decision of the General Assembly to insist on the re-entry into the country of the IACHR and other human rights organizations and to appoint a high level commission to carry out, within the framework of article 20 of the Democratic Charter, diplomatic efforts at the highest level, leading to the search for a peaceful solution to the current crisis in Nicaragua,” says the Civic Alliance.