Nicaraguan Musicians in Times of Revolution

Five Nicaraguan artists tell us their experiences in the demonstrations


From left: Mafe, Bruno Cortina (below) Gaby Baca, Ana Bolanos, Mario Ruiz. Foto: Franklin Villavicencio | Niu

There is no revolution without art. Nicaragua is experiencing a new social awakening and music is not far behind. Five artists sing to this new social struggle

By Franklin Villavicencio  (Confidencial-Niu)

HAVANA TIMES – More than seventy days have passed since the beginning of a popular revolution in Nicaragua against the government of Daniel Ortega. Today the country resists a new wave of repression that has imposed terror in the cities and has paused in past days the rallies and the marches in the streets, where artists and musicians also gathered, together with the voices of the students and the relatives of the victims. They demand justice through singing.

Monimbo, the University Avenue, the Jean Paul Genie roundabout and university campuses such as Upoli and Unan-Managua have received, in the midst of resistance and barricades, the emotion of music created by a new generation of artists who have also said “Enough!” to the manipulation and “kidnapping” of the national artistic platforms.

In this podcast Gaby Baca, singer-songwriter; Bruno Cortina, musician member of the band Nemi Pipali; Mario Ruiz, Garcin and Milly Majuc musician; María Fernanda Carrero (Mafe), rapper; and Ana Bolaños, a nascent artist.

They talk about how their careers have changed since April 19th. They also tell us about the need for a cultural revolution, the participation of women in these two months of protests and how the songs they have written were born.

These artists have left the bars and concerts to go out into the streets and bring to the barricades a strong message: “Ni un verso atrás” (There’s no turning back), that they comment throughout this conversation with the team of Confidencial-Niu: