Nicaragua’s Civic Alliance: 86 Political Prisoners Remain after Today’s Release

Medardo Mairena and Pedro Mena, farm leaders and members of the Civic Alliance, who had been sentenced to over 200 years in prison each on false charges.


“Apparently, the Government did it with the intention of not releasing anyone else,” warns Civic Alliance’s spokesperson, Jose Pallais


By Confidencial

HAVANA TIMES – With the release of 56 political prisoners on Tuesday morning, among them the main leaders of the civic protests and emblematic figures of the April Rebellion, there are still  over 80 political prisoners in the jails of the Ortega dictatorship, Civic Alliance’s spokesperson, Jose Pallais, told Confidencial.

“We have a preliminary report. Yesterday, we had 136 pending (to be released) and the information that we have is that today 56 political prisoners are out. That would leave 80. We are working on a final list, it takes a meticulous job to know who they are. We have to do a review of the lists,” said Pallais.

The Alliance’s representative also confirmed that, among those 56 people released, are the most representative figures of the struggle. “However, apparently the Government did it with the intention of not releasing anyone else,” he added.

“The information we have is that the Government is supposedly saying that these are all of the prisoners. Then, that is the problem.” Pallais assessed.

“What we are planning on doing is, first, to have information about who they are, on what list they were on and depending on that, different actions will be taken,” he said.

One of the difficulties in being precise has been that Ortega’s police and paramilitary forces have continued to detain protestors during the period when other political prisoners were released.

Here is the list of those that continue as prisoners, according to the Nicaraguan Association of Political Prisoners:

1. Abraham Arnaldo Rivera Angulo, Camoapa
2. Alexander Rafael Martínez López,  Masaya
3. Axel Manuel González Garay, Managua
4. Bismarck Lenin Quintana Munguía, León
5. Brayan Alexander Silva Espinoza, Managua
6. Byron o Brayan Alemán, Managua
7. Carlos Espinoza, Jinotepe
8. Carlos Sebastián Cortez, Jinotepe
9. Daniel Kings Martínez
10. Darwin Eliezer Pavón Gallego, Masaya
11. Denis Ismael Montiel Arrieta, Managua
12. Diomedes Reyes Hernández, Quilalí
13. Donal Antonio Vargas Aleman
14. Eduardo de la Concepción Espinoza Aburto, Jinotepe
15. Edward Enrique Lacayo Rodríguez, Masaya
16. Emmanuel Salvador Arias Martínez, Masaya
17. Ernesto Antonio Ramírez García, Jinotepe
18. Everth Antonio Ortiz Hernández, La Concepción
19. Fausto Antonio Ruiz Moreno (Machado), La Paz Centro
20. Fisher Agustín Ortiz Herrera (Jarquín), Jinotega
21. Francisco Javier Pineda Guatemala, Managua
22. Francisco Javier Jiménez Rayo, Managua
23. Francisco Julian Narváez Chavarría, Nindirí
24. Francisco Roman Navas Galán, Masaya
25. Franklin Jose Quintero Armas, Managua
26. Gabriel Eliseo Sequeira García, Managua
27. Gerardo José Torres, Managua
28. Hamilton Espinoza, Jinotepe
29. Hamilton Gamaliel Flores Largaespada, Managua
30. Harby Antony Humphriers, Managua
31. Hayder René Salazar Bodan, Managua
32. Hugo Leonel Brenes Sotelo, Managua
33. Iván Alexander Mayorga Jiménez
34. Jairo Lenín Centeno Ríos, León
35. Javier Putoy, Masaya
36. Jeffrey Moisés Cerda, Jinotepe
37. Jefrey Reynaldo Pérez Saavedra, Managua
38. Joel Isaac Sánchez, Rivas
39. Jonathan Eliseo Guzman Gutiérrez, Managua
40. Jonathan Sanyder Guzman, Matagalpa
41 Jorge Antonio Medina Madrigal, Managua
42. José Andrés Martínez Castillo, Managua
43. Jose Ariel Gonzalez Reyes, Matagalpa
44. José Domingo Ñamendi González, Masaya
45. José Luis Prado Cano, Managua
46. José Luis Rodríguez Chavarría, Managua
47. José Rafael Sánchez Navarrete, Masatepe
48. Juan José Pérez Dávila, Masaya
49. Juan Ramón García Galarza
50. Julio César Mendieta Valerio, Managua
51. Julio César Villalta Cajina, Managua
52. Julio Humberto Arce Moreno, Tipitapa
53. Kesler Brad Matus Ríos,Managua
54. Kesler Josiel Gonzalez Reyes, Matagalpa
55. Kevin José Paniagua Acevedo, Managua
56. Lester Renato Ruiz Narváez, Jinotepe
57. Leyving Eliezer Chavarría, Mulukukú
58. Luis Guido Hernández, San José de Bocay
59. Luis Alberto Matus González, Ciudad Sandino
60. Luis Carlos Rodríguez Orozco, Managua
61. Mario Alberto Velasquez Pérez, Managua
62. Mario José Bejarano Hernández, Managua
63. Marlon Antonio Castellón Ubilla (hijo), Managua
64. Marlon Eduardo Álvarez, Managua
65. Marvin Antonio Castellón (padre), Managua
66. Marvin Wilfredo Rogel Guevara, Managua
67. Maycol Antonio Arce, Tipitapa
68. Melkyssedex Antonio Lopez Ferrey, Managua
69. Nelhson Cerna Rodriguez Macuelizo
70. Nelson Alarcón Cuadra
71. Nilson José Membreño Pérez, El Viejo
72. Norvin Esneyder Reyes, Matagalpa
73. Omar Antonio Luna Pavón, Managua
74. Pedro José Gutiérrez González, Managua
75. Pilar Talavera Calderón, Mateare
76. Plutarco Antonio Velazquez Sánchez
77. Rafael Bermudez, Dolores
78. Raul Alejandro Meza Ramos, Managua
79. René Asunción Ruiz Tablada, Managua
80. Rommer Stewart Espinoza Lakewood, Managua
81. Roswel Antonio Suárez García, Managua
82. Scannierth Antonio Merlo Lacayo, Managua
83. Víctor Manuel Díaz Pérez, Ciudad Sandino
84. Walter Antonio Montenegro Rivera, Wiwilí
85. Walter José Juárez Vanegas, Managua
86. Yader Isaac Gutiérrez Romero, Managua



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  • June 12, 2019 at 1:14 pm

    Cuidado Nicaraguenses! Como les puedo decirlo… Ortega acaba de resolver todos los crimines de la JS, los paramilitares, todos los orteguitos, Y DE SI MISMO. El esta poniendose listo pa’ salir. No le dejan sin la justicia! Ortega es criminal y matador!

  • June 12, 2019 at 12:14 pm

    The directors and main figures of the genocide and dictatorial regime, ortega murillo, want to wash their hands and their collaborators assessins, that have been murdering the opposition for years until Nicaragua woke up, what they didn’t expected, but everything has an end, and Ortega murillo dynasty is over. The amnesty autoproclaimed by the genocides is to protect those who have killed hundreds of Pacific protesters, but the people of Nicaragua demand justice, more bullcrap from those genocides.

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