What is Daniel Ortega Afraid of?

The Diplomatic Stragegy of the Dictatorship.   Fill a sack with the most outlandish lies… Put a tie on the sack… Then put on a coat size XXXXXL…  Add the head of a puppet… and presto!   “In Nicaragua there are no political prisoners, no demonstration has ever been repressed, No journalist has suffered prison or persecution…”


The lies of the government are not aimed at the people or the international community, but to its political clientele.


By Enrique Saenz (Confidencial)

HAVANA TIMES – One of the characteristics of the Ortega regime is the impudence, or the nerve, or the charlatanism. Whatever you may want to call them. Always the word will be short to qualify the repeated behavior of its spokespersons, beginning with the boss: lies, lies and lies is his slogan. In fact, it could not be otherwise: if they could be so heartlessly cruel with life, freedom and the physical and moral integrity of people, it is natural that they also despise the truth.

In recent events, we could observe, once again, a full-length portrait, from the front and behind. First, it was the presentation made by Ortega’s representative during the examination that took place in Geneva, Switzerland, about the government’s failure to comply with universal human rights standards.

There, the representative of the regime, without the least embarrassment, told delegates from countries of all continents, among other outrageous things, the following: “We have never repressed any protest or any peaceful demonstration.”

A few days later, before the call for a mobilization by the Blue and White Unity movement, everyone, at the national and international level, could see the excessive police deployment to suppress any attempt to demonstrate.

But the lie of the regime’s stooge, in Geneva, was surrounded by others. Let us recall that one of the commitments made by the government at the negotiating table was, precisely, to respect the freedom of citizens’ mobilization. And four days ago, in its laughable document entitled “Work Program to Consolidate Stability and Peace” they reaffirmed, shamelessly, the commitment to “Guarantee the Right to concentration, demonstration and peaceful mobilization.”

In order not to be left behind with the shenanigans, the police denied the permit requested by the Blue and White Unity, under the pretext that the applicants were not identified. What a tremendous hoax. Let’s ask ourselves: since when does the Police receive a document in their facilities without the petitioners identifying themselves? For those who have doubts, I invite you to try.

You will say, but we all know that the boss and his henchmen are a bunch of liars. What is this commentary about?

Of course we know that they lie about everything. I mention it because it is important to know the reasons for the repetition of so many lies. If they are aware of international and internal discredit. Why do they repeat their lies?

The first reason is that these falsehoods are not intended for the international community or the Nicaraguan people who do not believe them. Their lies are aimed at their political clientele. Or towards those who still have doubts. They are a minority, its true, but they matter. These people include state employees, policemen, army and people who are still waiting for their zinc sheets. The regime speaks to the paltry bases that still has left. Just as Hitler’s fascists did. They think that by repeating and repeating the same song, there will be people clinging to their versions, however grotesque the lies may be.

From what has been said a pattern of action for all of us is revealed.

I usually talk about the fact that the fighting fronts are on the streets, in the media, with the strikes, the tax moratorium and internationally. But there is a less visible battle front but equally key. I am talking about families, educational centers and workplaces.

If you have a relative, friends or colleagues from work or studies or neighbors, who still believe in the regime, we cannot give up on them. We have all seen how our acquaintances, faced with the excesses of the regime, have opened their eyes and changed their position. Of course, we are not referring to their hitmen. We are talking about common people.

Almost all of us know someone. These people are exposed daily to the falsehoods that vomit the official media. We must help them open their eyes. We have to make them see reality through Facebook, through social networks or directly, face to face. If we are offensive and aggressive, they won’t listen to us. If we persevere and are persuasive, as has happened with so many others, these Nicaraguan will lose the blindfold that they still have on.

Enrique Saenz

Recent events lead us to another question: Why is Ortega so afraid of citizen demonstrations? And not only of demonstrations. Did you see that deployment of the police and army so that the boss could move towards Niquinohomo? Meter by meter, they were installed along the entire route. Not even Somoza, not even during the war of the eighties, was such an exaggeration seen.

Ortega calls his opponents terrorists because he fears them. And, why such a terror? It is not because they rob banks, kidnap or place deadly bombs. The tyrant talks about terrorism because he knows that the immense majority of the people repudiate him. He fears the people. It terrifies him to see the people spread out in the streets shouting freedom, justice and democracy. Just as Dracula was terrified by the cross, Ortega is terrified by the blue and white flag. That is why he calls us terrorists.

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  • The title asks a question. The answer is freedom, democracy and justice.

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