Biden’s Moves on Cuba

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By Xel2 (El Toque)

HAVANA TIMES – This week we have drawn on the relaxation measures announced by the Biden Administration and their impact on our country.

Since the announcement, the purchase-sale price of the dollar and other currencies on the informal market has dropped. For many, the removal of the $1,000 quarterly remittance limit and increased travel from the United States to Cuba have played a role in the decline.

In recent weeks, in addition, there have been some releases and changes of precautionary measures for a small percentage of the July 11th political prisoners. This fact, celebrated by an immense majority, has raised suspicions and misgivings, since it may be a negotiation process between the two governments. It would not be the first time they have reached an agreement behind public scrutiny.

The fact is that the upcoming Summit of the Americas and the easing of some restrictions have begun to move the international political fabric of the region. We will have to wait for the next move.

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Wimar Verdecia Fuentes

Problems with the United States. Relaxation measures from Biden.
A kiss doesn’t impregnate.
US Embargo. Internal Blockade. At least the internal one remains intact.
PCC – Communist Part of Cuba
My Dear Biden… You don’t know anything about measures.

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2 thoughts on “Biden’s Moves on Cuba

  • The article is remarkably optimistic, perhaps based upon hope rather than the experience of reality.

    Olgasintamales’ observations reflect the Monroe Doctrine, in the assumption that it is the right of the US to interfere or dabble in the affairs of other nations within the Americas (remember the Doctrine includes Canada). Her comment that the US has been “very tolerant” is most indicative. In mentioning President Biden, it is wise to remember the reality of the US Cuban Democracy Act, which requires a 60% majority in Congress to recommend ending the Cuban embargo. How can that ever be achieved with the division and actual hatred that exists between the two US political parties?

    I share Olgasintamales desire to see a free democratic Cuba, but would be loath to see it adopt a political system similar to the US, rather than that of most European countries and Canada. In the unlikely event of Cuba deciding to change, the US would be well advised to back out and back off!

    Cuba has had too much experience of the US!

  • The internal bloqueo the one the dictatorship imposed to the Cubans citizens with lack of movement, censorship, prohibition of assembly, imposition of one political party lack free media, is worse that anything the USA government has done to Cuba. In my opinion the USA has been very tolerant and passive to the Cuban aggression in Latin America the Cuban, mercenaries in Angola the Cuban dictatorship support of international terrorism and on.. Biden has never had to loosen the embargo. After all Biden loosens up and the dictatorship intensifies the repression, the money that the exile sends to their relatives kidnapped in Cuba by the dictatorship is used by the same dictatorship to buy some gadgets in China to repress the people of Cuba

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