Che Guevara and Historical Responsibility

Vicente Morin Aguado

Photo: Paola Nunez Solorio

HAVANA TIMES — One can write both pros and cons in relation to Che, such a dramatic figure in world history.

He evidently failed in his objectives during his odysseys in the Congo and Bolivia, which in no way minimizes the boldness of his attack against apparently impregnable imperial windmills.

While some people mention the two hundred or so executed in the La Cabaña fortress after hardly two or three days of deliberations by judges, prosecutors and lawyers, I think of the murders of Che and his comrades in the area around La Higuera, where all it took were 24 hours and an OK by the CIA, without the least a semblance of a legal verdict.

I challenge those commentators with their “happy little keyboards” to raise at least one case of a relative, neighbor or friend who was executed at La Cabaña, along with arguments about how unfair it was.

A single case is worth a thousand empty words when it comes to the judgment of history.

I’m a Christian and I’m opposed to the death penalty, but I reject the irresponsibility that distances some writers from the intelligence of readers.


4 thoughts on “Che Guevara and Historical Responsibility

  • This debate will not be resolved by a simple internet discussion, for at the center is the question whether or not there was a need for a revolution in a small nation against the interests of giants –Spain and the U.S.– which profited from the slave and colonial relationship for over a century. Those who support the historic necessity will argue for Che, while those on the opposite side will oppose him. I am one who met him, followed his work in Cuba, Bolivia and in Africa. I support him as a brother.

  • As a woman who was a teen when Che Fidel and my father claimed victory ….All of the executions he and Fidel ordered were justified Libertad o Muerte Its that simple..No one who was not there can speak to this

  • So the hundreds of executions Che ordered at La Cabaña were justified because several years later he would be executed by people who didn’t want him to repeat his atrocities in Bolivia?

  • Thanx for putting this endless slander into perspective. I’ve always considered these people to be the disgruntled surviving family members and ‘comrades’ and ex-employers of these mass-murderers and torturers.

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