Chest Pains

Cuban women victims of macho violence. Photo collage: Alas Tensas.

By Javier Moreno Diaz

HAVANA TIMES – Wake up, light a cigarette, drink a cup of coffee.

Another femicide in the city and nobody seems to care, we’ve now had 36 this year so far.

The Government blames the US blockade (embargo), shortages, turns a blind eye.

Another femicide to get us to think hard about why there’s so much impunity.

The Government uses its resources to repress and announce a house where supposedly everyone lives under the same roof, with some differences, but in peace and harmony.

There can’t be any harmony in a prison.

Cuba is exporting lies like candy, the false security of its streets becomes apparent when night falls, and nobody is safe.

Getting a rental car when possible is a risk you take of not getting home safe and sound. You can easily be a victim of an attack, a crime.

This machista society doesn’t care that a mother, a sister or a daughter dies at the hands of false morality and the impregnable riddle in perpetrators’ minds.

There isn’t a pill we can take, evil has taken deeper roots and the Government doesn’t seem to care, now using their efforts to create a law about social communication.

You hear all kinds of bragging every day, most of which is to coerce a certain woman.

It’s painful, because women are our first homes, our first refuges, our main sustenance in the nine months of pregnancy.

How can we forget the original embrace after breastfeeding?

It’s our duty as citizens to take action and enforce measures no matter what.

Raising our voices and taking civic action so that femicide can become a bad memory and not a common experience.

Back when I was a child, these types of cases were generally linked to behaviors in certain population groups labeled “anti-social”s.

I don’t know what to think anymore, I lived in a bubble as a child.

I’m old like a sun-dried raisin and it hurts, it hurts my heart and soul.

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