Colombia Didn’t Vote NO to Peace

By Martin Guevara

colomba-guevaraHAVANA TIMES — Every time peace is sullied for some reason it normally means humanitarian and universal failure.

However, in the case of the people of Colombia, there are several factors that have led them to not want to be manipulated, those who have most suffered throughout this war voted for it to end once and for all, logically, however they could; but those who were able to take a deep breath and think, thought hard this time.

These are a people who are tired of war, of corpses, of torture, disappearances, the most intense kind of terrorism. However, they are also fed up of the use of outside interests by some, in this case by Raul Castro to clean up his image in the face of the changes that he wants to implement in Cuba without anyone catching on, without there being newspaper archives, History books, the memory of all of us and every one of those who have been damned by his out-of-proportion ambition and military domination. This over his long martial and warmongering career, and who like a good army general, doesn’t have a single personal feat under his belt that any soldier remembers. There he was signing the Colombian agreements wearing a guayabera, an Army General through and through.

Colombia didn’t say NO to Peace. They said no to the FARC’s leader Tomachenko’s canonization and to Raul’s dessert.

Colombia has said NO to the secret use of their most pressing and painful problems to shake up the image of the most anti-pacific person who has been this way his entire life, of violent people, who carry a homeless trail of their victims’ ghosts on their backs who have never been honored.

Colombia has said NO to automatically legitimizing Timochenko politically speaking and has known how to bring something even more critical to light, that affects the immediate interference of the same Kastromasov rascals, who on this same land and decades ago, disguised as internationalists, contributed to deepening the bloody orgy in the Americas and Africa that these people were already suffering.

With Lenin and Che as their standard bearers, and then disguised as leaders of the Third World, they camouflaged themselves between the rabble-rousing trends of the limited intellectual flight that debilitated the Americas. Now, with Christ and Bolivar as their flag-bearers, because they’ve seen the true face of the majority of these sonata singers in the moonlight, they are looking for a crack to introduce themselves as ecologists, peace and harmony lovers. It appears that Gandhi and Lennon are their symbols, meanwhile, like they usually do, they can contribute with boldness to empty the coffers of their sister Colombian people and leave behind their GDP in Venezuelan terms.

Colombians know what suffering is more than anybody who can make a hurried analysis of their majority vote. They have shown that, for the right kind of Peace they need in order to progress, they would prefer this path not be paved by men of war.