Cuba and Too Many Priorities

Photo: Progreso Weekly

By Aurelio Pedroso (Progreso Weekly)

HAVANA TIMES – If we sat for a moment in the presidential chair to determine an order of priorities in the face of the very critical situation that Cuba is experiencing right now, priority number one would necessarily have to be shared by several problems.

Suddenly, and with an asterisk, it would be to try to stop the unstoppable numbers that grow daily with the high transmission of the pandemic, but this would entail the issue of food, with those lethal concentrations of people in commercial establishments and other places where no one escapes, and the still unsolved problem with the absence of medicines.

The economy, and the attempt to resuscitate it, so that it helps to support the previous tasks, would also bid for first on the list.

And to make matters worse, the situation, the reasons, the consequences and what to do in the future with that popular discontent with two doses (to use current words). The first, the interest shown from abroad to promote counterrevolutionary activities; and in the second dose, the internal causes that have promoted it.

I could extend myself a bit more at such a crucial crossroads, but the absence of the social networks for days, would be like meditating and talking with a concrete wall.

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