Cuba Changes: A Deliberate Approach to Reform


HAVANA TIMES — The government of Cuba says it will continue on a gradual process of “updating” it’s socialist model with market reforms, keeping the State as the main force in the country’s economy. At the same time it opens to large foreign investment and offers some opportunities for private initiative for small businesses and the practice of some trades.

To describe the pace of introducing reforms while maintaining the existing system and powers, President Raul Castro has responded to his critics by saying the process will continue “without haste but without pause.”

On the topic, today we bring you an illustration by Yasser Castellanos entitled: “The Rush and the Delay.”

11 thoughts on “Cuba Changes: A Deliberate Approach to Reform

  • August 11, 2015 at 2:17 am

    The change in Cuba will come from those citizens living in Cuba. I’m an Irish citizen, family from Ireland and raised in the US. When I visit Ireland I’m respected but as far as those I interact with
    who remained in Ireland, I’m a Yank and not Irish. That is made quite clear and make no mistake about that. We did send money to family when Ireland was a third world country but that’s no longer necessary. If I have an opinion on the various political factions fighting for power it’s fine and
    good but basically shut up since you left and we’re dealing with it. I spent ten years in a remote
    part of Hawaii and had it not been for a melanoma, I’d probably still be living there. I love islands,
    and Ireland is an island, and through marriage our family is blessed with three who are half
    Cuban one hell of a beautiful island. The potential that Cuba has is off the charts and so everyday I read what’s happening with news events from Cuba. My point is that Cuba will be fine, the information age will awaken and rid Cuba of whatever is needed to make life better for all its peoples. So I do read posts on this blog from both sides of the spectrum because these are the people who will have to deal with what is needed and make the transition to the next level.

  • August 10, 2015 at 7:25 pm

    As the author correctly says Cuba claims to be intent on updating its socialist economic model, with Marino Murillo as Head Honcho directing activities.
    Of course the regime would like to have large foreign investment from the countries that pursue capitalism – where else can they obtain hard currency?
    The economic failure of Socialismo is evident in every sector of the Cuban economy. Decreasing production of food in general and of sugar in particular. An almost non-existent construction sector with buildings falling down almost as fast as new ones are constructed. Although blessed with wonderful timber a non-existent lumber sector, a chaotic transportation sector and a crumbling infrastructure – from hospitals, to roads, to water and electricity supplies. The only sector that is unaffected is the military where a country with less than a third of the population of Canada, has a similarly sized military operated by a plethora of octogenarian generals.
    As a very well educated Cuban – as a professional earning less than $400 per annum, said to me this year:
    “Cuba needs capitalism.”
    Over 95% of the civil population exist on some $10 per month (33 CENTS PER DAY) – in short they are abjectly poor.
    The current plight of Cubans cannot be resolved by absentee academics spouting book based theories lacking comprehension of reality and usually stemming from the garbled minds of Marx and Lenin.
    Cuba needs an end to the Socialismo of the Castro family regime and its lackeys in the Communist Party of Cuba. Cubans have experienced enough of the reality of Fidel and Raul Castro’s administration. They need freedom!
    Cuba needs a multi-party system providing the people rather than socialist dictators with the control of their own destinies. True democracy!

  • August 10, 2015 at 6:07 pm

    The Chinese are governed under a one party rule model. The party says it is the Communist party. The Cuba Communist party likewise is the only legal party. I take them at their worth. Their brand of communism involves a level of repression that thought leaders in the late 1800’s had not contemplated. In Cuba’s case they justify the repression as part of resistance of the empire to the north. Other than obese beach goers, no invasion is planned. They can relax.

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