Cuba: Humanitarian Aid and Lemon Juice

Cartoon by Juan Mosquera

HAVANA TIMES – The several containers of humanitarian aid from the United States is already in Cuban territory. But despite the pressing needs of the population, delivery to the recipients has not yet been allowed.

For the Cuban government, accepting the aid would mean recognizing its inability to solve the problem of food on the island and put the achievements of the Revolution in doubt.

However, the withheld aid and the arrogance of the rulers, contrasts with the lines to buy basic products. The teeming poverty and the insufficient rations.

After years of decline in Cuba’s agricultural production, President Diaz Canel proclaimed that “the lemon is the basis of everything”. He appeared unaware that the Revolution itself is the cause of the widespread artificial soft drinks in Cuba.

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One thought on “Cuba: Humanitarian Aid and Lemon Juice

  • The bitter truth of Cuba’s few lemons is that they are marketed through a capitalist company in Tel Aviv.
    There is however a great deal of truth – perhaps unintentional – of Diaz-Canel suggesting that in Cuba, “the lemon is the basis for everything” – the old description for badly designed broken-down vehicles!

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