Cuba in 2023: Less Sweet Talk and More Changes

Dear fellow compatriots. A challenging Year. Bread with awareness. Passion with gusto. Everyone is convened

By Matraca (El Toque)

HAVANA TIMES – While the world is warning about a possible slowdown in the main economies, the speeches and messages for the new year of the Cuban leaders are full of naive? optimism.

Although the last 12 months were marked by inflation, shortages of medicines and food, blackouts and the wave of migration, the message of Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel spoke of new victories and achievements. What country is he referring to?

The deep crisis of 2022 did not end by magic on December 31. In fact, an increase in the energy deficit during peak hours and “maintenance work” in several thermoelectric plants have been announced. The blackouts are back!

Prices continue to skyrocket and beyond the year-end offers in Cuban pesos —and their respective lines and quarrels—, the stores remain empty, there are no medicines in pharmacies and weariness is the main protagonist of the streets.

The only thing that is left over in Cuba —among its leaders— is sweet talk and empty speeches: repeated phrases and words that more and more of the people reject.

We need less promises and more actions. Less calls to resistance and more possibilities for a dignified life. That is what Cuba needs in 2023.

We haven’t arrived, instead we have retreated to here.
You better hurry up, the speech is ending…
2023 here we come!
Who will we ask for money this year.
Row, later they are going to say that us old people are useless.

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