Cuba in a Virtual State of Emergency

By Aurelio Pedroso (Progreso Semanal)

HAVANA TIMES – It cannot be interpreted any other way.  Even though Prime Minister Manuel Marrero, in a  timely live intervention on Cuban television Tuesday, did not identify it as it appears in our Constitution, when he finished he indicated that by decision of the President and the highest authority of the Communist Party, the Defense Councils would be activated immediately, albeit reduced, at the level of provinces and municipalities where necessary.

Such a decision obeys, according to the Magna Carta, for natural disasters, states of war or epidemics. And right now national security is clearly threatened by the deadly new Covid-19 coronavirus. The situation could not be more exceptional, requiring extraordinary measures.

Consequently, President Miguel Diaz Canel said, “the coronavirus is coming at us.” We must halt the extension of the virus.

The island is in an undeclared quarantine, but with measures of immediate application that closely resemble other categories similar to those of a state of siege or a state of war. For now it’s without the direct participation of the Armed Forces, who could spring into action as they have with lesser epidemics of the past.

The carefully detailed plan was extremely broad, after advancing to what was foreseen in the second phase, planned for when the virus has a native character.

With everything underway, no one will doubt that it is a National Emergency, although the term has not been officially recognized. It won’t be necessary.

3 thoughts on “Cuba in a Virtual State of Emergency

  • Ginni, there is no secret in Cuba – that Covid 19 is a pandemic and Cuban TV has kept Cubans well informed about the progress of the disease world-wide. The first instance of the disease in Trinidad de Cuba was immediately made public and the Italian tourists concerned moved to Havana where one died – the first Covid 19 death in Cuba.
    Cuban citizens are in a more fortunate position than those of the US. I think you will find that Cuba will get the disease under control much sooner than the US where the administration appears to be bewildered and lacking direction.
    As you may know, I am a severe critic of the Castro communist regime, but also believe in addressing reality.

  • In reply to Ginni McCann: It is not in the air. It transmit through human contact like your breathing and exhaling and it stays lodged in some surfaces for up to 24 hours. Also we don’t know who the carrier may be because with some people it does not show any symptoms. Take Care !

  • Why doesn’t’ CUBA want to admit and inform it’s citizens that the Covid-19 is a pandemic worldwide not just in CUBA?
    It is a silent killer that can’t be seen. Is in the air and that is why people in the USA and Europe are being told to stay six feet away from each other to slow it down and to stay home from work so it doesn’t spread to others. It is now in over 140 Countries. In the Southern Hemisphere it is Winter and they are seeing a stronger outbreak of more cases due to the cold temperatures. It lives for three days on plastic and paper.
    At this time, there are over 349,000 cases world wide with over 67,000 active cases in the USA and 1,000 deaths. There is a war on this Chinese virus. I hope CUBA has enough doctors and nurses to endure the duration for a year or more as we all deal with this virus.

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