Cuba Sonic Files: “Nails scratching the blackboard”

By Fernando Ravsberg

Photo: Yamil Lage.

HAVANA TIMES – The AP news agency received from US authorities the audio of a screeching noise that supposedly had been recorded in Havana and sent “for analysis to the US Navy, which has sophisticated equipment to analyze acoustic signals, and to intelligence agencies.”

The funny thing is that despite all the resources of these military institutions “the recordings have not shed light on what is making the diplomats sick. Officials say the government still does not know what causes the injuries to Foreign Service personnel.”

“Neither the Navy nor the State Department” responded to questions from US media reporters about these mysterious recordings, which would not have affected all alleged victims. “Not all the Americans dispatched to Cuba heard those sounds, and among those who heard them, it has not been confirmed that they perceived the same thing.”

The mysterious sound is similar to “a nail scratching against a blackboard,” but in conclusion the AP article recognized that “It is not clear if there is a direct relationship between the sounds and the health disorders suffered by those who heard them.” This leaves us all with the question, So what is the news?

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  • This leaves me with the question: “What is your point?”

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