Cuba Surpasses USA in New Per Capita Covid Cases


By Circles Robinson

HAVANA TIMES – After writing the news item on Friday: “Covid Surge in Cuba Appears Out of Control” I received a couple email messages from readers who thought I was exaggerating the situation on the Island. Both claimed that the situation in the United States was far worse.

In fact, I did have my doubts on how the number of positive cases of Covid-19 in Cuba had jumped 68% in one day from Wednesday to Thursday. With only the government’s data to go on and no independent medical or citizen verification I took the figure at face value.

Then reviewing our article on Matanzas, by far the leader in the new coronavirus cases: Why are Covid-19 Cases Soaring in Matanzas? and noting the government’s rush to get more medical personal and equipment to that province, I became convinced that yes, the situation is dire.

Saturday morning provided the icing on the cake as the data from Friday reported by the Ministry of Health showed a new record number of positive cases at 6,750. The daily death toll was 31, also a record since Covid-19 reached Cuba in March 2020.

Now some readers may see those numbers as quite low compared to other countries like the perennial comparing point the USA. Nothing gives the Cuban Communist Party leaders more joy than showing up the wealthy northern neighbor in any sports contest, medical accomplishment, or in solidarity to other countries, etc.

However, revising the numbers and looking at charts on the global Covid-19 situation, one can see that in recent days Cuba has far surpassed the US in new per capita positive cases and fatalities. Remember Cuba has 11.2 million inhabitants some 30 times less than the US. Just for reference on Friday the US registered 48,241 new cases to Cuba’s 6,750 and 518 deaths to Cuba’s 31.

For some reason this information did not make it into the Cuban government media.

Noteworthy on Saturday is that fact that suddenly far eastern Guantanamo province is the number two territory in new positive cases with 932, followed by Havana with 608, Santiago de Cuba 500, Villa Clara 290 and Ciego de Avila 272. Once again Matanzas had the lead by far with 2,657.

As usual the government continues to focus on the feat of having homegrown vaccines in different trial phases, and blaming citizen indiscipline and the US embargo for its problems and deficiencies. They also insist that the leaders are working nonstop to address the emergency.

Editors Note: On Sunday morning the Cuban Health Ministry reports another record breaking day on Saturday for new Covid-19 positive cases as well as fatalities (6,923 and 47).

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7 thoughts on “Cuba Surpasses USA in New Per Capita Covid Cases

  • It’s stunning how many ignorant Americans don’t understand that the US forces Cuba to develop its own vaccines. The US embargo serves no purpose but to kill innocent Cubans. And the Gusano posters here act self-righteous and ignore their complicity in these murders.

  • Meanwhile 90 miles to the north, Florida threw away the mask mandate over a year ago, ended all curfews and opened the door to all businesses. The result? The number of infections and deaths began to drop. Florida has less than one death per million of persons who died of, with or were presumed to have had the virus at the time of their death. Bear in mind that if a person without symptoms is run over buy a bus and killed he is tested for covid and if is found to be positive, you guessed it. Covid death.

  • Cuban Health Ministry reports 6923 new cases now.
    Times that by 30 vs the US population difference as Circles pointed out it would be 207,000 a day equivalent.

    With no mass vaccination in Cuba as of yet.
    It looks bad and then there is the daily blackouts of power and the food crisis.

  • It is difficult to keep a balanced look at how things are going. Comparing todays numbers in the USA and Cuba may be misleading as COVID surges in Cuba are coming after those in the USA have past. Recently reported in El Nuevo Herald and Juventude Rebelde:

    The number of Covid deaths in Cuba (pop. 11.2 million): 1490 (and this after a huge surge in recent days)
    And the number of deaths in Florida (pop. 21.4 mn.): 36,973 (and this after Biden’s successful vaccination thrust).

    So, despite the recent surge, Cuba is still doing relatively well.

  • Vaccines so far do not seem to be the decisive answer in the fight against Covid. Israel with a very high percentage of population vaccinated is now reporting increased number of cases as well. Europe also has high averages for vaccinated people yet infections are surging. All very disappointing. How long can this mess go on for? What are the mortality rates? Does the world really need to react in such drastic ways? Perhaps more effort should be spent on developing medical procedures and medications so that it is easier for us to go through the infection. Life needs to go back to normal. From poor to rich everyone is impacted. What a nightmare!

  • What a total and utter disgrace that any government would allow its people to suffer through neglect and hunger in the 21st century. The world is ready to help but the Cuban government are to arrogant to ask for it instead blaming others for their ineptitude at being able to handle the current situation.
    Shame on you government officials.

  • Y el comandante used to say Cuba is a medical power in the world. Delusional dictator.

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