Cuban Theater Director Adonis Milan Released by State Security

By Lynn Cruz

Adonis Milan. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES – I just spoke with Cuban theater director Adonis Milan. He was detained incommunicado until early Monday morning when he was released under a heavy downpour.

Other activists were kidnapped and jailed in order to isolate and thereby prevent them from carrying out activities they had scheduled for Sunday, Election Day.

It was not the first visit of Milan to a Cuban jail and once again he described the anti-hygienic conditions as well as the terrible food that they offer to the inmates.

After his abduction off the street on Saturday afternoon, his name was not among the list of detainees in any police station where his mother went to look for him.

In the same way, friends and colleagues demanded an answer to the disappearance of Milan and they were denied any information.

Once again I repudiate his kidnapping and I condemn the impunity of these events that only demonstrates the will of the Cuban government not to admit any change or demand that comes spontaneously.

All decisions are already made. While crushing the activists, the capital of the few in whom economic power rests on the island is fast growing, because the economy is a machine, it does not stop.

Investments in the port of Mariel grow. Luxury hotels in the capital increase. And the two currencies will be reunited.

One day the Cuban people will wake up and everything will be privatized as happened in Eastern Europe.

It may be that the 5 peso (CP) coins, put into circulation today, will only be the change of the future.

Humanity forgets quickly. The people have to survive. Very soon this will be no more than a bad memory and those responsible will leave without paying for having obtained the approval of the majority.

The Cuban intelligentsia, accomplice of living today in a state without rights, cannot go back in time. The damage is already done.

Yesterday with their vote the Cuban people signed on to the transition that has been planned since the conception of the economic guidelines designed under the government of Raul Castro.