Cuba’s 14,000 VIP Repatriates

By Martin Guevara

HAVANA TIMES — The news about the 14,000 repatriates in Cuba is deceitful, it carries a trap for off-guard bears in disguise, don’t let yourselves be fooled by the regime’s propaganda.

Indeed, 14,000 Cubans were “repatriated”, despite me not knowing of another example where natives of a country need to ask for permission to be able to be repatriated and regain citizenship in the country they were born in.

The truth is that these 14,000 haven’t come back to enjoy the kindness of socialism, they escaped from that; rather their return is the complete opposite, they have returned to be the pioneers of capitalism. Mind you, always with the permission and behind the leaders who have already assumed positions where large sums of money are handled by foreign companies and the emerging national business sector.

Cuba will gradually mimic alternative transition models to capitalism which already exist, the Chinese model most likely, the Vietnamese, and in the end it might even be the Russian model when the PCC (Communist Party of Cuba) has to be dissolved, leaving the age-old repressors in charge of the new changes.

In any of these projects, it’s a given that people don’t dispute those in power or question their decisions. The ideological politics, be it in the hands of one Party or an airtight oligarchy will continue in some way or another, but allowing some economic progress, some financial happiness.

Relatives of the leaders and these leaders themselves are the better placed as intermediaries in the channel of the bulk of money that large companies move and will move to the island. They are and will be the majority of the managers and/or businessmen in medium and large scale ventures.

The most logical and likely thing to happen is that these “repatriates” will place themselves directly behind these privileged intermediaries to establish small and medium-sized businesses, with the funds they accumulated in their jobs, commercial or financial activities during their years abroad.

The vast majority of repatriates are thinking about investing to be able to enjoy capitalism in their own land the moment that it starts to gain greater presence. They aren’t returning to take advantage of the failed Communism’s kindness.

These emigrants not only lack political ethics and ideological morale, but they will lean against the tree that gives the most shade, like capitalists do in the rest of the world ever since bartering gave way to pelf as currency.

14 thoughts on “Cuba’s 14,000 VIP Repatriates

  • I have no idea. I can only imagine that those emigrants with an outside source of income are those most likely to repatriate. What I can’t imagine is someone who would repatriate seeking to survive on a 25 cuc monthly salary. But anything is possible I guess.

  • Do we have figures on how many of those returning might receive a pension from the US?

  • You have money to move around by taxi? Los 555’s? You really must be a Yuma because most Cubans walk, ride bikes or take the bus. Guaguas are a luxury. But a private taxi? Very few. You want to talk EXPLOITATION? Cuban salaries. …..

  • Says who? My Cuban-American family would disagree with you. In fact, they are even more strident than I am. Besides, no one is “bragging”. Complaining is the more appropriate description. We do agree on one point, as I make plans with my family to celebrate this 4th of July weekend, I share your sentiments. We are blessed to be Americans. Happy 4th!

  • Moses, your incessant bragging about “blackouts,” “shortages” and “garbage” in Cuba is somewhat unbecoming for a sainted and blessed resident of America. You should not be surprised that most people, including most Cuban-Americans in Miami, resent that blatant attitude.

  • Despite the disjointed construction of your comment, I will try to respond coherently. Inspectors collecting bribes is common knowledge. You may be uncomfortable with this truth but it remains the truth. The ASSUMPTION is that Cubans returning to Cuba from a life outside of Cuba would do so only after they have secured an income stream. If not Social Security, then a 401K? Rental income from rental property? Income from the sale of a business? You take my point (hopefully). Free medical attention. Yes, that is a benefit. But really? Is that a reason to move back to Cuba? For its Policlinicos?

  • ESPECIALLY if their business competes favorably with a State-owned business.

  • I really hope that what you imagine will happen for you should you decide to repatriate is what actually happens. But check in with Havana Times and let us know how you feel after you’ve gone through unannounced blackouts, unexpected shortages and piles of garbage left in the streets.

  • These 14,000 Cubans who returned home are those who were duped into believing that the grass is greener on the other side. These returnees are disillusioned people who probably were exploited by their own Cuban people in Miami. These are people who could not afford the insurance for medical attention. These returnees are people who had to work for long hours at three and four jobs in order to pay the house rent.

    These are people who decided to return home rather than end up on the streets searching the garbage bins for discarded food and sleeping on pieces of card board ion the streets, because that is the norm. The figure is given as 14,000 (fourteen thousand), but I am quite certain that the figure is much higher.And someone wants to glorify their return by stating that they returned with their social security benefits as Donald Trump will allow their social security to be sent to them in Cuba when he has tightened the economic embargo on Cuba?

    You see deception? You hear propaganda? These people are running from the hell that the USA is. They realize that they could never dream the impossible American Dream. Instead,they prefer to live like human beings in Cuba than like rats in the USA! They have returned to the land of LOVE and COMPASSION where they will be looked after decently. What a joke? These are capitalists returning to set up businesses as if milk and honey flow on the streets of the USA?.

  • Brother Moses, are you not tired with your propaganda about Inspectors collecting bribes? If you have such proof in your possession and you are against such practices, show up the regime by exposing them. You are always coming with your innuendos. I can assure you that many of those returning are devoid of social security and good medical attention? Just imagine that, were they continue to live in MIAMI, they would have had to pay taxes on their social security benefits. Disprove this in your next column! They are still entitled to free medical attention in the country of their birth!

  • Brother Sky, I use my appropriate name when I write in the Havana Times, because I believe in what I print. People like you who write under fictitious names cannot be trusted,never mind to be believed! I have just returned from Cuba where I received the best medical attention in my life. I have never encountered a people so genuine and so kind. You should see how they greet each other in the Hospital when they arrive to work. I have been able to move around by Taxi and, at no time was I made to feel like a foreigner? It is the Cuban people who decide the fate of the country. I have attended some sessions and the voices of the people are so pronounced. This does not happen in the USA the so-called bastion of democracy!

    Stop bashing the country. Racism, exploitation, robberies are the norm of a daily life in the USA. Peace and quiet, love, friendship genuineness abound in Cuba. Cuba does not need any exploitative and oppressive capitalists in the country. It had enough of the Batista regime. People like you who long for the glory days of Batista, have a very long time in the waiting line.

  • I 43 and think about retirement and I am in the process of getting my passport so I can visit again. My grandfather died recently as we have been discussing leaving a will and the house to me. I’m going to visit for the second time and hope to go thru the process of becoming a resident again so my grandma can leave me the house. And maybe start a business one day but I don’t come as a money hungry capitalist. But a 7 yr child who left in Mariel and has grown over the years to try to understand my Homeland and my roots and not let those roots disappear. And maybe in one small way making my Homeland a little better. Maybe I’m dreaming but I will try because I can’t forget that beautiful small island in the Caribbean

  • Yes, but currently, the regime is making sure no-one working for themselves gets too successful. Once they are deemed to be getting too wealthy or ‘powerful’, some pretext of illegal activity is found and the place is closed down, the owners and managers arrested, the business closed or appropriated…

  • I can totally understand why a Cuban retiree would return to Cuba to live out the rest of their days on a 1500 per month Social Security pension earned while working in the US. That same money won’t pay the rent in Miami but in Havana can be a King’s ransom. It also makes sense for a working chef in Miami to liquidate his assets and open a paladar in Camaguey. When you are your own boss, the struggles with a limited menu and paying bribes to inspectors in Cuba is a smaller headache than working for someone else in Miami.

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