HAVANA TIMES – Many of Cuba’s retirees are struggling, especially those who have to live off pensions equaling 8–12 USD a month and have no money coming from family abroad. Carlos brings us an illustration of this precarious situation for people who often gave 40 or 50 years of their life to work for government businesses or institutions.

Illustration by Carlos
After nearly a year of saving, I think that this month I’ll have enough. What! are you going on vacation to one of the Cays? NOOOO! It’s for a pair of shoes. Illustration by Carlos

7 thoughts on “Cuba’s Elderly Are Struggling

  • The cost of many items in Cuba is 3 times of that in Canada. you Cuba you have ration book that give certain items in limited amounts very cheaply. A modest pension in Canada is $1,150 per month ,with many ex government employees getting $2,000 plus other savings. I am very careful with money and I bought food at the local farmers market took local Cuban transport where possible. I would not want to live in Cuba for under 1,200 pesos per month.

  • Mr Castro.
    The parents of these 60 plus senior Cuban citizens were probably those who assisted you , yes “YOU” During your revolutionary period, when you were possibly an idealist and believed that what you and one Ernesto “Che” Guevara plus others were doing was for the best for the people of Cuba. So I ask you, me being an Irishman whose family in times gone by have suffered from the yoke of English politics and oppression, , why have you failed the Cuban people? The elderly as well as the youth of Cuba deserve so much better. Ask yourself this question Mr Castro, could you survive on the same amount that is being paid to your senior citizens each month? The parents of these senior citizens believed in you and your comrades so why have you let them down? These dead Cuban citizens are looking down on you from Heaven and wondering why you let them down? only you Mr Castro can provide that answer.

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