Cuba’s Medicine Shortage Illustrated

Cover design: Janet Aguilar

By Adriana Peña Barbieri and Xel 2 (El Toque)

HAVANA TIMES – This week we dedicate our drawings to the unfortunate shortage of medicines in Cuba, during the toughest moment of the pandemic on the island.

We constantly see reports on the social networks about the collapse of the national health system due to the increasing number of Covid-19 infections. The health emergency has highlighted the precarious infrastructure and organization in the country to face such a devastating outbreak. We are in a very delicate period that requires everyone’s responsibility and discipline in complying with security protocols to reduce contagion.

Faced with such a scenario, our medical staff stands tall. We thank them and all those who organize citizen initiatives to import medicines and medical supplies into the country, as well as the expressions of solidarity from different parts of the planet. To contribute our bit, let’s take care of ourselves!

10 pills
Congratulation champ. Tumeric, romerillo, ginger, anamu.
Forget it.

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3 thoughts on “Cuba’s Medicine Shortage Illustrated

  • I wonder if Dan can explain why some drugs that are unavailable to the public hospitals in Cuba, are available for USD at the pharmacy of the Clinica Garcia in Havana?

  • Moses – Tell that to Jack Ma. There are all kinds of obstacles to Cuba buying US medical goods, on top of the basic fact of the crippling embargo which limits Cuba’s income to buy goods.

  • Off the top: medicines are excluded from the US embargo. There’s no reason why Cuba can’t purchase the medicines that they need from foreign pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, we can assume that the lack of funds is the culprit. It should be safe to assume that even the Castro dictatorship does not want the Cuban people to suffer for lack of medicines. The failed economic system is therefore the bad guy here. Not being able to buy medicines in a time of pandemic should convince even the staunchest Castro sycophants that Castro socialism has failed.

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