Cuba’s New Normality (Cartoons)

By Xel2 (El Toque)

New Normaity. We are doing great!

HAVANA TIMES – This week our team addresses what has come to be called a period of new normality in Cuba. The pandemic is considered an endemic disease and we must comply with health security measures. At the same time, we continue to deal with all kinds of shortages of many products and services.

The world epidemiological situation and the increase in restrictive measures against our country by the US Government have come to make our existence even more difficult.

We Cubans continue as hostages of the two political extremes, while living with three currencies and a single reality. We believe civil society must learn to demand a better quality of life from those who have led us to this situation. This, instead of always looking for culprits on the other side of the pond.

People don’t only live by politics and slogans. These have little nutritional value, and they cannot be put on an MLC (Dollar) cards for shopping.

This pandemic has left us a country more divided economically, with more police in the streets and in our minds. However, not everything is bad, we still have our infinite capacity to count to ten.

Ordinary people see a hat. The cartoonist sees the New Normality.

Economic crisis. New Normality

So what do you think sister about the new normality? I don’t know cat it seems false.

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