Cultural Arm Wrestling in Cuba

By Xel2 (El Toque)

Design by Janet Aguilar

HAVANA TIMES – This week we address the apparent clash taking place between a group of renowned visual artists and the cultural policy of the State, represented here by the National Museum of Fine Arts.

A group of artists (Tomas Sanchez and Tania Bruguera among them) requested through a public letter that their works leave the exhibition until their colleague Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara is released. He has been held prisoner for 28 days now in the Calixto García Hospital without the causes of his prolonged stay explained.

The Museum’s response was immediate and made it clear that the works acquired with the state budget are part of the nation’s heritage and that therefore the institution will decide what to do with them.

Meanwhile, a text from the Tribuna de La Habana newspaper took a hardened stand calling the artists a “group of mercenaries paid from Washington.” The outrage was such they removed their accusation from their online edition.

Many try to maintain a political approach, when it is rather a humanitarian situation that goes against the precepts that gives meaning to a country like ours.

The Xel2 team continues to pay attention to this and other topics to accompany them each week with our graphic humor.

Wimar Verdecia Fuentes

Artists ask the Cuban Museum of Fine Arts to have their art works covered in support of their fellow artist Luis Manuel Otero, prisoner in a hospital for nearly a month.
I’m an artist and they are going to listen to me…
I’m going down from here!

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