December’s Here! (Cuba’s Reforms Still on Hold)

By Aurelio Pedroso (Progreso Semanal)

Photo: Progreso Semanal

HAVANA TIMES – Twenty-nine days until one of the most ominous years, ever since the hopeful January of 1959, ends. Everybody knows why that year had hope, forgetting the fact that we were on the verge of a nuclear conflagration.

This year turned national history and every Cuban’s personal history on its head. It has been simply unforgettable and its serious aftershocks are beginning to rear their head.

The beginning of the complex currency unification process, which we all thought was around the corner because of the media attention it had, has now been postponed until the upcoming year.

Maybe it’s because people pushing for it didn’t think that this was the best month to do it. That it could even stand in the way of this unique end of the year. Something happened. Prices all went up and wages remained the same.

December won’t change the current hardships and uncertainty that has enshrouded 2020, with the new coronavirus on everybody’s minds. This was followed by the grand plan of economic reforms that are inching forward, which the government has called “Updating the model”.

[The reforms were first announced in 2011, and subsequently re-announced and re-postponed.]

In addition to the current economic crisis in Cuba, that has dragged on from last year, we are suffering the international crisis. Add to that the effects of the US blockade, that doesn’t only have economic repercussions anymore.

Reviewing the current year

It isn’t so hard to summarize this year. Masks and lines upon lines that we have never seen before. Enough for us to throw in the towel and wish we were straw for the fire in an incinerator, that is never enough.

The upcoming 2021, is a departure point. Rather than the new year being a multicolor marathon of pure resistance, it is a long race with expected and unexpected hurdles en route. Even those who can’t walk will be forced to take a few steps in order to survive.

Some informed people are guessing the Empire will attack with all its might in the many directions already announced. Bunkering down with slogans can never be the answer. We need a counterattack that is based upon finally implementing the economic reforms put off for 10 years or so. We need more than empty words right now.

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4 thoughts on “December’s Here! (Cuba’s Reforms Still on Hold)

  • The First Steps Taken that only the Cuban People, The People that Truly Love there Country & understand that Communist Cancers Controlling Corruption Needs to be Removed from there Home Land. The First Letter Capital C needs to be Changed, The Birth of a New Nation Starts with its Name, Any Letter will bring that Birth to Reforms that Cubans have so Long Pleaded for. Showing The World there Miss No Trust in there Government. Defiance uba Created From Deficiencies in the Words your Government have been Feeding there Hungry Youth. You Need To Break some Eggs to Create your Cake, Life Can,t be all about Have Nothing & Hunger. Words of Warning for the Youth, When you have More then you can Appreciate Don,t Forget a Winning Life is a 2 way street of Give & Receive, Its Not all for the Taking when you Could be the Chief & Commander of your Nation.

  • Now the trump scum look like they have finally admitted the reality of their undignified position, they look like they’re gonna be clearing their sorry asses out of the White House.
    Perhaps everyone can then take a step toward some sort of normality.
    The stench of the narcissistic fool trump will be disinfected from The White House and hopefully U.S. foreign policy will be disinfected from the stench of trump’s idiotic influence and therefore be rescued from the gutter.
    His infinitely more intelligent predecessor was the first incumbent of The White House to recognise that the USA’s sicko policies toward Cuba had to cease in the modern 21st century world that we live in.
    Once we get back to that position, we will see if the Cuban Government’s alleged solution to their ongoing economic disaster will bear any fruit.

    The miserable little U.S. embargo is:
    a. Pathetic in the eyes of the rest of the world
    b. The Cuban Government’s eternal scapegoat

    Get rid of this anachronistic and squalid little embargo.
    Get rid of the Cuban Government’s scapegoat.
    It’s the only way forward.

  • Why not tell the truth for once?
    It may feel good, but even better, it may finally get these tyrants out of our magnificent island.
    Enough stupid half truths and actions.
    These communists have obliterated an island and most sinfully its phenomenal people. There is no forgiving that.
    From Castro do Diaz Canel, just pick up your stuff and get the hell out of there.
    If it were up to me, I’d go get you out myself.
    Evil like you have perpetrated on us, can only be repaid in hell, unless you repent. Return what you have stolen and not shared with the poor, and go atone as far as you can get.
    And to all you “bleeding heart liberals” just go live there for one year, but, your admission price, is giving up EVERYTHING you have worked for your entire life, plus your loved ones. They don’t belong to you anymore.
    As to the world governments, stop the stupid actions and free our hemisphere from this communist cancer.
    And to you, vicious Cuban pseudo rulers, I welcome the challenge of being invited and telling all this to your faces.
    I would imagine, by now, even you can understand, I detest you for what you have done.
    We can repair the disaster you have brought about, in a very short time.
    Why don’t you take me on, invite me to visit and listen?
    Petrified of being outstripped of power?
    You are going to be anyway!!!


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